Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Daede, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Right.

    Just went down the gym, and rowed 6750mtrs in 30 minutes.

    Im 5' 8''.

    Just wondering how this compares to other peoples times, as im working on my fitness and like targets (ie i want to beat everyone else).
  2. What kind of rowing machine is it and what level resistance did you have.

    I'm ticking over at the moment, 5 11, 13 st 4.

    I usually do 8k in 30 min on level 10 on the concept II rower
  3. I do 5km in under 18mins, pb is 17.11 at my peak.

    I'm 6ft and have done a lot of rowing, including racing at school/uni etc, we had good coaches.

    Its all about technique. Slow and powerful and wind it up to fast and powerful. Get someone who rows to show you the correct style, it will knock minutes off and is more efficient in terms of improving fitness.

    On the stroke: slide - body - arms (This means kick back with your legs keeping your back straight and arms out straight, when your legs are fully extended lean back and then pull your arms to your chest.

    On the recovery: Arms - body - slide (Reverse of above)

    Numbers: strokes per minute ~22; 1min 50 ave for 500m throughout row, if you go over 2mins pick it up.

    Pick up the pace last 200m of every 1000m to spm~28-30; 500m~1min35.

    God speed!
  4. I do love watching muscly mongs at the gym on the ergo. No technique at all, and it's especially great when they get all competetive with actual rowers...
  5. Maninblue - i know im slow, but i need to compare this against others.

    Im quite sure its half because my techniques pants, and half because im a bit aerobically unfit.
    Ive gone from lifting weights and practicing Krav Maga twice a week, to much more aerobic exercise, and im really enjoying rowing, so need some constructive criticism.

    Also, your spot on the split - its 2.13.9, averaging 33 s/m.
  6. 33 strokes per min! I bet you are knackered!

    Less strokes with more power and you will shave minutes off.
  7. Knackered? yep. currently sitting here feeling quite sick, but also very pleased with myself.

    Bear in mind im only quite short, so i would do more strokes over the same distance than you lanky gits.
  8. Over 2.00 per 500 you need to take the rating right down. Try fahrtleching with 500s. Keep the clock rate on 2min and see how low you can drop the rating. Should be able to get it under 20
  9. If you go to the following link

    and give yourself a log on, there's a facility to look at Concept2 users around the world, your age and weight, to see where you fit in.

    Your doing alright to stay on there for half an hour mate. Most people only like the shorter distances and times. I've had one in my garage for a few years and have built up to half and full marathons. There are a few technique vids on youtube you can have a look at.
  10. ''Over 2.00 per 500 you need to take the rating right down''

    What does that mean? rating?

    COnvoy - thanks - i started off at 15 mins, then went to a krav class and got a loong lecture about half of exercise being mental toughness as opposed to physical. (instructor is ex Royal Anglian btw).

    Next day jumped on the machine and gritted my teeth and went for it - totally (and i mean had to sit there not moving for 10 mins) knackered, but definately proved to myself that i can push myself further than i had previously realised.
  11. Never used one
  12. You may want to reconsider.

    My record is 4700000m in 59 days.

    In your own time.......... :)
  13. I used a concept 2 to lose weight - over 7 stones in a year (21.11 to 14.6)
    I'm 6 foot exactly. When I started I was blowing out of my hoop after 20 mins doing a split of 2:20/500m. After 14 months of regular training I can happily knock out 60 mins on a split of 1:55/500 then hop on a bike or cross trainer for another hour.
    I set the damper level to about 8 as I find this most comfortable. Think of the resistance as a set of gears on a bike - peddaling on a lighter gear requires faster revolutions to achieve the same out put as peddaling on a heavy hear with less revolutions. Just find which level is the most comfortable for you.(Sir Steve Redgrave used to set his between 3 and 5)

    you can get yourself in pretty good shape on the concept 2 if you keep at it and set realisitc goals. Their website is well worth a visist.
  14. Level 7 on the concept II is equivalent to the resistance of water.

    Only really useful if you also train/race on water, as most rowers do, but if you want to compare/compete with rowers then use 7.
  15. if you keep a log book with all your distances recored you can send a photo copy to concept 2 and get a free million meters T shirt to train in.They also do a 10 million m one.
    ideal kit for strutting around the gym. Goes well with a set of stained shiny arrsed ron hills and a pair of honking trainers.