I can't give you any specifics or figures, but I found it was damn useful for helping me get from unfit to running reasonably. I still use it to help my triathlon and running performance. It has helped me lose 4 stone of fat.
Me and my missus row every night and I can't honestly say it's helped me to lose any weight :wink:
Do it properly and it's very effective at improving CV, and leg and core strength. Get a PTI to show you the correct technique and set you some goals. When you need something more challenging try the 100m in 20 secs tabata.
Having just played around with the website for a bit, it will even generate a personalised training plan for you over 6 weeks with sessions devised to lose a specific amount of weight over the 6 weeks on the ergo
blonde_guy said:
Just how good is rowing as a CV/fat burning exercise?
Good pointer from Lofty Lofty about the website. I use the Concept 2 regularly and it's an awesome piece of kit - low impact but weight bearing, that men over 30 need to do regularly to maintain bone density. The C2 website is equally awesome (most PTIs I've met don't really know how to maximise this machine but the website does). Focus on technique to avoid RSI, particularly in the lower back (as one arrser said). I try to identify goals and work towards them - I suggest the frequent challenges available on the website and ultimately the British Indoor Rowing Championships (November in Birmingham NIA). I did it last year, what an outstanding event with some world class rowers that were inspiring, as were the amputees. My whole family are entering this time - Dad (76), wife and 2 daughters. Use the interactive training programme to work towards your goals.

I've dopped 2.5 stone in just over 18 months, mostly down to C2 and lots of metres - you still have to put the work in however, get an iPod and some motivational tunes. The key is distance and intervals (alternately) to lose fat and improve fitness. Not knowing your size, weigth or fitness it's difficult to say but my best gains have come from 80% to 90% of MHR for distance training of approx 40 mins for 10K. Take your time to work-up to this but try to get a stroke rate of approx 32 per min, the level on the side should be matched to your strength endurance - it isn't geared so whatever suits you is the the right mark. I'm relatively powerful and do sprints on 10 with a rate of 36+ but distance on 7/8 at 30-32. A mate doe distance at level 5 at a rate of 34+ but he's a bit lighter. Practice and determine what your comfortable with.
The Army runs serveral learn to row courses through the year. Based at Dorney Lake near Slough were the 2012 Olympics will he held. The dates are as follows:

13-14 Jul
10-11 Oct
12-18 Oct

The courses have excellent instructors from the Army Rowing Squad and will teach the correct technique for water and indoor rowing in a relaxed environment. The can normally turn a complete novice into a competent sculler/rower within a week. Needless to say a week in the sun doing good PT beats a week in work any day.

If you or any one else are interested PM me or have a look on the Army rowing page on Army net.
Rowings an exellent way to get fit, unfortunatly, a few people, like myself, end up with knee injuries from it, so by all means go for it, but if you begin to feel a pain in your knee/s, stop untill you have seen a physio or you can serioulsy fcuk something up
To second Oarsmans message, the Army Rowing Skills course is a really excellent week. No Bullsh!t, No eliteism just good fun and really welcoming.

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