Hi everyone,
Just a quick question. As Im having a bit of a buggre running at the moment for a variety of reasons, Im focusing on my rowing (handy as I've got a concept 2 upstairs!) and Im rowing 2k pieces around about the 7:10, 7:00 mark. Does anyone know if there is a paralell between 2k times generally and the BPFA or are the types of exersize and distance involved too different to get a fair prodiction for what I'd get on the BFPA?? :?
Cheers :)
I used to row at a competitive level, and I can say from painful experience that runners do not necessarily make good oarsmen, and vice versa. You use different muscle groups, and running is of course load-bearing. Rowing is great for CV work, but it doesn't really substitute running.

Not sure if there is a parallel between 2k ergo times and the BPFA. It's something I've often thought of.
Echo, I used to row at quite a high level, and train like a demon and I can't run for toffy. To be honest, if you're training for a specific sport then you need to train specifically for that sport. Although running is good cross training for rowing and vice versa, predominantly your training should be for what you are competing in or whatever. Apart from anything else, as LT_George suggested, rowing is non impact, where as running is very high impact. You have to acclimatise your body to either.
Yeah agree with both of you, Lt_george especially about the oarsmen/runner devide, probably due to the resonably difficult technique on the water. What sort or 2k times were you banging out when you were in heavy training, and do you have a bpfa time to compare?
The problem with the ergo and comparing to running is that technique plays such a massive part. Obviously there is a technique to running but its much more important on the ergo. Therefore someone who is less fit can pull a much better time than someone who is using their arms much more than their legs. So surely it would be difficult to make comparisons. As someone who is sub 6:50 on the erg (am a lightweight in terms of competition) but having trouble with the Para run time I would think the two aren't that compatible

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