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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by flamingo, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    I have just acquired a rowing machine, in an attempt to work off some of the pies :donut: . Can any of the ARRSE fitness gurus give me some tips in a pattern of timings etc. for using it? :?

    I'll now go cower in my pillbox and sort out the few sensible answers from the flak in a few days time!

    Thanks for any intelligent advice... everybody else, the secret is to keep banging the rocks together, guys!

  2. What sort of rowing machine is it? They can vary dramatically from brand to brand.
  3. It's an air-rower. Beny brand. I just need to work out if I'm better off to just pull for 20-30 minutes, or to vary speed, strength etc, and if so by how much?

    I've rather let myself go to seed! I've (or the mrs has) got an exercise bike and I was thinking about alternating between them on alternate days.

    Cheers :D
  4. Do like those Concept II's..... though drifted out of the habit of using them in any work out. Now the decent weather is here have forsaken the gym entirely and am mainly running/cycling.

    Still going to use a gym occasionally - but on a 'drop in' pay as you use basis rather than a direct debit each month when I rarely go because I am doing phys' outside all the time now.

    And yes - a decent technique will make the world of difference... keep you able to row better, longer, - and do you more good.

    PS: - apologies for the damn extraneous waffle - dont know what came over me. :oops:
  5. Waffles allowed! :D Preferabally covered in maple syrup and whipped cream!

    I'll get my coat!
  6. I use a concept 2 and do 3000 meteres at around 30 spm on resistance 4, remember the technique straighten your legs, pull and then roll back to your knees, bend your knees rinse and repeat. Remember if you chain is rattling then your doing it wrong. Trick is in the technique as if your getting aching shoulders your using your arms too much and it should be your legs :)
  7. The Rowing machines are one of the best bits of kit in the gym as they use nearly all the major muscle groups and give you a good CV work out to. The basic principle is drive with the legs, draw in the arms to mid trunk, release the arms slowly, return with the legs. Maintain good posture and an even technigue. Record what you do: avergage speed, stroke rate, distance covered and heart rate so you can measure your progress. Remember to warm up or ease into it slowly and cool down or slowdown towards the end, followed by some good stretching. The F.I.T principle is a good guide to follow: Frequency (increase this first), Intensity and Timing/Type of training.
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Rowing machine
    one search on google, and this is the best i could do...

    TAXI??? QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks to all, just what I hoped for - some good advice, and a giggle as well!

    Much appreciated!
  10. The comments about right technique are very valid. I used to row and it is easy to injure oneself. I would suggest paying for one gymn visit and get the trainer to show you what is what and devise a programme to do what you are looking for - aerobic or toning.
  11. Forget the SPM counter it doesnt mean anything.. choose a distance and get the speed display up (on a concept 2 its 500m/s) and try to stick to a set speed for that whole distance.

    I row 2000m just over 8 minutes and 6000 in as close to 30 minutes as I can.

    For starters get a best effort 2000 and 6000m time.. 6000m in 30 minutes should be pretty strenuous.. especially the last 2000 or so.