Rowers Dave Whiddon and Lloyd Figgins aim to cross Atlantic Ocean.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by radiorental, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Rowers Dave Whiddon and Lloyd Figgins aim to cross Atlantic Ocean

    Lloyd Figgins and his friend David Whiddon aim to row from Morocco to
    Antigua to raise awareness and funds for the RNLI.

    They hope to complete the trip in 60 to 90 days by continuously rowing in
    two hour shifts.

    The men will be spending Christmas Day 750 miles (1,207km) off the African

    Mr Figgins said: "We've got food for a 100 days, if it goes beyond that
    we're on the fishing line."

    The pair hope to raise £24,000 for the RNLI, which is the cost of training
    one station's lifeboat crew.

    Mr Figgins works at the Oxford-based charity Earthwatch which arranges
    trips and holidays for members of the public who want to help with
    scientific studies.

    During the crossing he will be monitoring sightings of marine life and
    feeding the information back to research organisations.

    People can follow the attempt over the next few months on the rower's
    website Atlantic Calling - Rowing the Atlantic. Morocco to Antigua