Ah, what fun that was......or maybe it's just my memory playing tricks after all these years...
I agree.  Cut off from the outside world, free red tracksuit, sleep deprivation, free PT, sceptecemia from running up the wishstream, double rations and a mars bar every night, ice breaking drills in the lake, B types and Sennybridge.  I loved it.  Now they have some new gay induction course or something instead dont they? How are they ever going to iron out all those character defects like they did with me.  Wibble.
Rumour has it that it has gone back to ROWCO type training and is called Rowallen Course. Tasty. Nothing like an A type switching to a B type switching to an A type returning to a B type then a run up the river on Brave stag. Remember Feel the stag. :twisted:
Was recently in Victory College on TACC and saw the horror that was Rowco. We had to trudge through their lines to get to our accom. and they looked like broken men. From what I could see they were on 5 minutes notice to move and they still wear those rather fetching Fruit-suits! I don't think we helped their morale much by wandering through the corridor with a 24 pack of stella and getting our commissions within three weeks of arriving and still being shit!
Ahhh yes, was it 921 or some such? don't remember the Mars bar, but do remember eating enough food for 10 men in about 3 seconds in the ORs mess. The chefs were terrified, talk about "keep arms and legs clear of the machinery."

I too did TACC recently, yes yes I know a bit peculiar, but you know regtl SOPs, but I'll tell you what I reckon post RowCo 10 years in a North Korean POW camp would be a breeze
The fun that was is now called SDC. What part exactly did you find fun, I would like to know. Do you feel that you really ironed out your dysfunctional parts of your character? The joy that was ten weeks is, I think, now six because they have taken the fun (!!!!) parts out of it. Rather splendid I thought.
I think that all the name changes are a bit sh*t. I mean to do the RowCo thing, and then not be able to wear the sweatshirt.

Incidentally saw a homeless bloke wearing one a couple of years ago.
probably was not homeless, probably was on Mission Impossible. You know "Your task, which you will accept because you want to get a commission, is to be homeless for a day while re-enacting a battle while flying a plane and reporting into Cambridge or where ever. :roll:
There seems to be very little information available about Rowallan Cadre. Having passed RCB with the caveat that I must complete Rowallan before the Commissioning Course, could anybody who survived the course in recent years provide some info?

Does the course have any military bearing and benefits, or is it simply unrelenting physical beastings at Sennybridge? Is there a black mark against one's name if subjected to Rowallan?

Haven't done Rowco, but did see them in action and have heard much from those that have been. As far as I can see, it is a 8-week beasting session(or whatever number of weeks, not sure really) in which you carry out many different "character building" tasks. It is quite civilian orientated in that you won't do weapon training or field exercises however there will be many command tasks big and small involving large logs and ropes etc.
The blokes looked like people who had lost alot of weight in recent weeks. As I understand it, the course prepares you bloody well for the Commissioning Course to the point that you are actually at a pretty good advantage over the rest in the first few weeks of Sandwank. You will already have the mindset of taking bollockings on the chin etc and marching about the square which many of the "straight from civi street" type cadets won't have learnt yet.
Also was told that there is no TV, no alcohol and you're only allowed a radio set to Radio 4!

All in all, it appears to be a real pain in the arrse that some just have to do but if you want it enough you will get through it!
Don't know if that helps much?

Many thanks for the info on Rowallan. The general consensus appears to be that Rowallan benefits cadets in the long term, although there is pain and beastings in abundance for those eight weeks.

Is there actually any enjoyment to be had at Rowallan, or is it all just "self-improvement"? Anything that improves fitness and map-reading whilst getting paid can only be good...
Mate I did it many years ago, and basically I spent the whole time thinking oh sh*t it is going to get really difficult tomorrow! The point being that it is farking hard but nothing that isn't achievable. And frankly it is the best start you can get to your army life.

I don't know if it is still the case but everyone in the army has some idea of what rowco is and you will get respect from all comers. You won't have wings on your arms or a dagger, but Rowco is a good prep for that nonsense too.

People will tell you to be the grey man, but if you can manage that in Rowco you are a better man than me Gunga Din. Most importantly don't be a DS watcher, it is far too intimate a course to hope to get away with that. Keep your shit together and look after your mates. If one of the lads on your platoon is an admin handgrenade you will all suffer so help him to get together.

If you are thinking about having a sad-on at any point forget it. Just keep smiling and put one foot in front of the other and think one day at a time.

Good luck and have fun.

Showing my civvy naivety, what does a "DS watcher" do and why should the activity be avoided? Is it simply the opposite of playing the grey man?

Is it wise to purchase the best/most comfortable kit (walking boots etc) or are you all issued with gear?
A DS Watcher is someone who prances around full of energy when they are being watched but mongs about when not, being a general drain on resources when he thinks he isn't being watched. Basically a bit of a brown nose.

Comfy kit is not nessecary as a. the modern kit you get from HM is pretty good. and b. you probably won't be allowed to use it at least initially.

Do however stick religiously to the kit list you get sent. And take lots of stationery.

And don't worry. If I did it anyone can.
Forget taking any gucci kit - is issue only.

Practice eating quickly too...

Take a fountain pen - for writing your reports / diary in + lots of ink cartridges (black).

Take two bags - a suitcase for most of your kit + a sports bag / holdall that you can use to keep your undies / socks / other stuff in, as you won't be able to fit it all in your locker and have it still look neat and tidy.

Also stuff sacks /dry sacks are a very good buy - you may be allowed to take them with you, or the DS will let you purchase them - you will need money for this - water proof notebook, notebook cover, stuff sacks etc etc.

Also watch out for injuries, due to the pace at which you are run around (literally), you may pick up some - get treatment ASAP and don't whinge about it..... You are not allowed any medication - headache pills etc.

Worst comes to the worst you'll do what I did and knacker your knee so badly (after falling down a slope with a log and my bergan) they will give you morphine to stop the that was fun.....

Finally get fit, then get fitter - it will make life that little bit more bearable.

Everybody looses weight - I dropped from 15 stone to 12 in the first 3 weeks...... :twisted:
Line_Grunt, is your information based upon the more recent versions of Rowallan? I'm booked in for a 7-week course. Apparently it used to be up to 12 weeks. Is it a silly question if I ask if one gets any free time during the Cadre? I reckon I will get 10 days off over Christmas if I start on 27th Oct.
my c omments are based on the old 12 week course - i did it in 1997. From what I have heard though - most of my comments still stand.

As to leave you may still get 2 days over a weekend after week 3/4 - not sure though due to the reduction in the course length......

Good luck. No matter how much you research or get fit etc it is still going to be a serious culture shock. the words of my C/SGT "Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, welcome to a world of pain...."

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