Rowan Atkinson in car crash.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Was he on top of it in a recliner?
  2. Isn't this the second time he's crashing an F1 or am I experiencing a déjà vu?
  3. Yes its the second time hes crashed the same car. Its a P reg so hardly worth 650k now, if it ever was.

    I suspect insurance job. The man hasnt worked for many years must be broke? Fantastic actor, would of been a comical end to his life.. thankfullty not to be though.

    Lets hope we see him on the T.V again soon!
  4. If it hadn't been crashed it would be a lot more that £650k, there aren't many about, and a lot were converted for racing.

    He's worth in excess of £100 million quid, and the royalties keep rolling in.
  5. He is a bit of a petrol head, and when he was on Top Gear, he set the fastest lap in the average car, so can drive!! probably messing around and lost it!
  6. Apart from all the royalties from past works, he has just made another film, so I don't know where you got that poop from.
  7. WOW 100 zillion quid, that is something. Worth every penny I think, hes a genius.
  8. I've been fortunate enough to drive one, it doesn't take much for it to bite back. The clutch is like pushing a ton of lead, the gearbox is a bit of guesswork, and steering feels like you're in a battle with the Tyres, and it squeaks and rattles a lot.

    Not as bad as the Testarossa though, which goes down as one of the worst cars I have ever driven, (and I've bought and driven some shite). When you get in and the instructor tells you, it's goes like stink, but it weighs the same as a container ship, it's about 7 foot wide, doesn't stop, and doesn't do corners.
  9. The first time was at the end of my road between Lancaster and Garstang on the A6. He rear ended an old dear in a Metro who was turning right, the F1 went under the car and tipped it onto its side. Lots of the young lads from the village have a piece of the carbon fibre from 'Mr. Bean's McLaren' as it was known at the time. The man himself hid in a kebab meat wholesaler's premises nearby for an hour or two until he left.

    In terms of value they tend to go for between $1m and $4m on the open market now, so £650k undervalues it significantly.
  10. Wheres Baldrick when you need him?
  11. petrolhead mate of mine says that a "significant number" have been crashed already, so they are getting rarer by the accident I mean day.
  12. apparently when he crashed, he had 2 pencils up his nose, his pants were on his head and when asked if he was ok by the paramedic he said 'wibble'.
  13. Initially Emergency services at the scene said his face was horribly disfigured but after a check up said he just had a fractured shoulder blade.