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Discussion in 'Officers' started by KnightsofRowallan, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Hello again, more from the archive.

    Exercise Red Light, sadly it wasn't some sort of Exercise involving the denziens of the less salubrious parts of Hamburg. It was a test of initative, cunning and the ability to cuff it.

    Exercise Red Light, the myths, the legends, the tales of outrageous exploits and much of it probably true. (I have some cracking tales to tell from mine, - live respectable female model indeed!)

    Essentially you were given a list of tasks to do and a time limit to be back at RMAS by.

    The start locations, time available, task list varied but generally the format was the same. At some random point in the course you would find yourself being turfed out of a coach/4t in a random part of the country with an envelope.

    Upon opening the envelope you found the documents below and off you went.

    For those you endured, then enjoy. For those not chosen, then look with envy.

    Feel free to share your stories.

    *notes: Although my instructions said team, you were told to work individually and we had about 36hrs.
    We were bugged out of the lines, then made run back to put on suits, searched for cash/cards/etc, then transported to the drop off points.
    There is also a date mistake on my list (1x mean machine for Coy Clerk I hope)

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  2. And of course, the all important 'Blood Chit' or get into jail free card!

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  3. Odd you had rules about approaching members of parliment.

    Ex Bomb Burst, for the Royal Signals Leadership Course, which followed the same jist included 'interviewing an MP' and 'Serving Breakfast to a Lord'. That was from around the same period too. (we managed it too, interviewed an MP and served a Mars bar as breakfast to a genuine member of the HoL).

    I still have pictures of my exercise partner and I stood on the stage of the Paul Raymond Review Bar with three of the girls, as one of hte tasks had 'strippers' in it... but I can't remember what the actual task was.

    We spent a night in the cells (well not quite) (it was January and freezing) and the police guy (two or three pips) must have thought we were SAS or something as he thought we were about to crash out of the interview room, which oddly had crash mats within, should there be disturbance outside... he was quite adament that what went on outside was 'not Exercise play'.

    We also stayed in a 5 star hotel overnight, due to a nice doorman (ex Para transfer to RCT and then out). Funny story, we had t tell a 4 star hotel they weren't good enough for us, but the doorman was accomodating and phoned his mate (the doorman above).
  4. I had the misfortune / pleasure of doing Red Light and Bomb Burst. Unfortunately alcohol and age have suppressed most of my recollections. I do remember ending up in Plymouth and getting a lift back in a police car at ridiculous speed including stopping to pick up a naked man walking along side a dual carriageway. One of my cohort decided to ignore the list of prescribed tasks and do what he wanted using the get out of jail free card. His debriefing in the platoon lines was truly a thing of beauty!
  5. How did you do both HLM?

    I also remembered after logging off, one of the tasks on Bomb Burst was 'appear on childrens TV'.

    Gen dit. We got to BBC Central, and fcuked off at the veh gate by the tw4t on guard. We then found a sort of reception thing, popped in, and the girl phoned up Blue Peter.

    Gutted. Has we been not fcuking around with the mouth breather on the gate, we would have been put on Blue Peter, and hopefully got a BP badge. Looking resplendant on our maroon sweatshirts.

    We had to settle for meetng Zoe Ball rehearsing on the set of what ever kiddies Sat morning show she did in them days.
  6. Do not remember it as Ex Red Light and we did not have a get out of gaol free card, probably because it was back in 1978 (Rowallan 6) I suspect they did not worry to much about what we got up to in those days in the same way as in the 90's!

    From the taskings it looks that things had not changed much by the 90's though, we did have one element though that was not on your list, that was you also got points for having travelled the furthest distance from Coy Lines, which according to rumour control on a latter course than mine ended up with someone hitching a lift with the USAF to somewhere in the US without passport etc, resulting in a minor diplomatic incident, and also the person concerned missing First Parade and a Drill session, which upset the bigwigs in the Big House more than anything else.

    Our achievements were however more modest, I only managed to appear on stage at Ronnie Scott's Club to a degree of applause, gain an MP's signature, some say that was a cheat as it was that of LCPL F*cknasty (am I allowed to say that these days or will the Police Federation call for my resignation) of the RMP, but the DS allowed it initiative you know, and announced the arrival of a flight at Heathrow.

    Getting out of Ronnie Scott's was however an entirely different matter, and not one that could have been revealed to the DS as I am not sure we were supposed to have that much fun on the exercise. It involved copious amounts of alcohol and young ladies of a dusky nature who could also sing.
  7. Hence rule 7e - All cadet must stay in the United Kingdom!
  8. But did it really happen, or is it just another story like the OCdt being given the day off by the statue of Queen Victoria?
  9. Officer Cadet King Hussein of Jordan that was...
  10. Because I did the Sigs L'ship Cse with College (they still did Ex Bomb Burst), then I had to attend RowCo in an unsuccessful attempt to adjust my character.
  11. Oh.

    Was just wondering because I had been told if you were a Pot-Officer (as I was on the RSLC) you weren't allowed a 'RowCo' Pass. You had to get in...

    Didn't know they let College types on RSLC though.
  12. Forgot it was called EX RED LIGHT. List of targets hasn't changed much. We went straight from milling to the exercise, probably the reason why I can't remember much about the exercise apart from ending up in London Gatwick (we were banned from Heathrow) around 11.00pm, just as they were closing looking for a flight.

    In the end, bumped in to another 2 from the company with the same idea. It was looking like we were out of luck, until one of the check in staff called a managed who was 'ex-Army' turned out he was ex-RoCo. ended up flying out to Spain on an empty airliner and returning 4 hours later with a bunch of tourists. We even legged down to the local town to try and get some evidence of our arrival - well except our Kiwi mate who was detained at immigration.

    Still made it back to the lines for first parade. Happy days!

    Edited to add - looks like the OP did this as a team exercise - we were on our own, which was probably a recipe for disaster, I guess.
  13. That'll be the Welbeck factor. I got to do all of the best beastings and even then my character defects were only reinforced rather than corrected. Strictly speaking it wasn't the same as the RSLC but the 2 week version ran for Welbexians (ran in the same place by the same DS with the same exercises and whilst considerably younger than the Regular course).
  14. Got it. Makes sense the RSLC ran the Welbeck Course as a 'look at us!' Ex for the Corps but also in thanks for the use of the Welbeck facilities. Bomburst finished at Welbeck (old one) and we then spent several days there on command tasks and the like. Slept in a gym sort of place with bar heaters hanging from the ceiling on chains, on roll mats.

    We had packed meals to miss lunch, because your lunch was mad apparently.
  15. This is incredible, do they still do this kind of thing!? Looking forward to it if they do!