Row over Afghan wife-starving law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CavalryCaptain, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    At least we are able to discount the Government's lies over Afghanistan:

    Drugs: FAIL

    Women's lib: FAIL

    Security: FAIL

    Democratic elections: PENDING

  2. Ah, gotta love democracy :lol:

    Reckon we could ship Harriet Harperson out to advise on lawmaking?
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ah, but thats different. it's racialist to disapprove of this.

    in other news, 'like music and TV, chess is also considered un-Islamic by the Taliban and the country's powerful conservative clerics.'

    what joyless, miserable cnuts these types are. what possible harm can having a game of chess or listening to a record do anyone?
  4. what the fcuk!! i cant believe what ive just read there!!
  5. Ganistan a Good thing for Blair's New Model Army to die for.
  6. Yes but remember this is just the fanatics of the muslim religion...They are few and far between.

  7. how the **** can the one eyed twat justify British Soldiers ( females included) dying to support a goverment that does this .. its time we pulled out and left the septics to it.
  8. Yeah - 204 deaths just to pull out when the cnuts do something stupid. That was worth it. :roll:

    What we need to be asking ourselves is what our mission is. It needs to be read (Twice) to every soldier upon arriving in theatre so we the nation and more importantly the young 18 year olds at the sharpest of sharp ends understand 100% what is required of them.

    Only then can we start thinking of popping smoke and calling it a day.

    The chances of us seeing this under the current shower of sh1te are very slim though. The fact that Iraq seemed to be knocked on the head as soon as the casualty rate shot up worries me.
    I do hope we don't have a similar "Victory" in Afghanistan.
  9. It doesn't make sense, as they lose weight they become more attractive so by punishing them you are punishing yourself!
  10. They distract the student from studying the Koran.

    Like kite flying etc.
  11. John, I suspect that Davie boy will play with the same toy.
  12. As does making bombs and getting into firefights. Strange that those type of distractions are OK.
  13. That is in the name of God. The God of Peace and Love. You just don't understand.