Row Coy - Disbanded

I heard that Rowallan Company (RMAS) is to be disbanded in the near future.  If it's true I bet the final dinner night will be somewhere exotic like the middle of Dartmoor/Barrossa/Brecon/any given Trig Point.  
It's a sad day for Offr Trg.  
General Pike - if you're out there, I wonder what you've got to say about it?
Sad day for officer training??????? I never had to do RO CO, but I know people who did. In fact, one poor sod got right to the last 2 weeks and was Y-Listed and had to do the cse again. He was told by the DS not to reveal anything or he would be off. He was forever telling people they needed to get their heads down for tomorrow, but when asked why couldn't say a word. It nearly broke him. RO CO is the only cse in the army where the DS are posetively encouraged to beast the students to the limits, and you aren't even on a commissioning course!
A quick chat around in a coffee break has revealed that a staggeringly large percentage of those bound for Staff College (around 25%) did Row Coy.  This implies that it must have done us some good.

For my part, it nearly killed me, but it sorted me out and I am a far better man for it.

Anyone got any idea as to why it is being disbanded?
Perhaps it is just time to review pre-commissioning courses now that CCC is established, and more closely align the 2? Now that would be holistically, synergistically, imagineering an in-line solution!
I heard that as well.  I have a friend who had to restart it too.  But that was for dropping one of the DS.  Oops(!)

Any ideas of what other horrific delight they may replace it with.. or have the Army suddenly realised that trying to kill students straight off the piss at uni is not nice?
Basically it's the old numbers game again.  There are lots of people who would breeze RMAS if they didn't have to do Rowallan Company.  I know in my intake that was definately the case.  It was, and possibly still is, legalised bullying and no mistake.  Things were cuffed beyond belief but we got there in the end.  

Incidently, there was a bloke in my intake who got Pie Listed, should have gone back to do the course again but turned up at SMC having never completed it.  Turns out that his dad (a teacher on the Mil Net) was good mates with the OC and obviously cut him a deal.  With all these tales of Row Co cheats I think it's about time they were outed - what do you reckon??


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I heard that there used to be a lovely little course in the Royal Corps of Bleeps, but for the purposes of beasting Junior Ranks and Welbexians.

I know that bullying in the Army is a no-no, but imagine if you got to run a 'special' little course for necky 17 year old Welbexians...



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or the brigade squad at pirbright for household div officers. the hooray henry's getting beasted all over the place.


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I did Old College duty student one night and I had to inspect the Ro Co show parade. I was week 6 on CC and they were terrified of me. F**k, that was one harassed bunch of OCdts. Trouble is, I felt sorry for them and just gave them a quick look, then turned around to find my CSM standing behind me. Not a happy evening.


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I heard that there used to be a lovely little course in the Royal Corps of Bleeps

That was a little honey - the Royal Signals Leadershipp Course. It went through a couple of incarnations, from almost pre-Selection to exceptionally laid-back. I did it in 1978, fresh from basic training and it was 5 weeks of beasting, with appreciations, lecturettes and command tasks thrown in every time you thought you might have a couple of minutes spare. It was 5 weeks and vicious.

Of course, compeltely wasted. By the time I finished Trade Training and a language course and they decided to *send* me to RCB, I was newly-promoted, newly-married and newly posted to Berlin. First question: "Why d'ye want to be an officer, Number 42?" attracted the answer "Um, I'm not sure that I do."

In retrospect, probably not the ideal response...
Couple of facts to set the scene:
RoCo was abolished on financial ground only. There was never any serious debate. AG told Comdt RMAS "Your mission is to save money. That's it. Start with RoCo". Comdt RMAS never even visited RoCo before the decision was made.

Thus, about £500.000 was saved in terms of staff employed by the RMAS budget, transport & admin costs etc...only.....

They realised (speaking to RCB...after having decided to scrap the course...yes...enlightened...) there was still a need to develop risk passes which led to the drafting of....

...the Sandhurst Development Course (SDC), to address the required product....

....Only it wasn't permitted to have any historical or cultural links with RoCo, which is bad , part of the past, and not 'New Labour'.

Better yet - who did AcHQ get to draft, research and develop the new course? A crack team of training experts, using modern up to date knowledge? Did they F***. "OC RoCo - f***ing get on with it. Whilst running the current course. And it better be good".

Fortunately (OC RoCo being a v clever chap) - it will be.

Ah - but this will cost money again..what to do...? That's it...make Dettingen Company (Short Courses) run it. They'll need more staff? Transfer the existing RoCo DS.

But what about the savings...oh sugar...

But they have saved some money...! they can share oildrums and planks with Dettingen.

Three Cheers for Sandhurst!

Don't ask me how I know. But I do.
Additional facts: notwithstanding horror stories from the '70s and '80s, for the past few years RoCo hasn't actually beasted people. It's a v high tempo, harsh culture shock, but the distances run and phys conducted isn't that terrible - it's just that the DS can shout at them, be deliberately harsh and unsmiling, and ensure the cadets don't know what is happening next at any point. So the real pressure is the fear of the unknown, and direct criticism of substandard performance - exactly what is required to make the weak strong, and weed out the hopeless. Additionally, there is constant encouragement, nurturing and total commitment to the cadets by the staff - which is why RoCo DS find it so very rewarding.
It's just a beautiful, beautiful thing that the chain of command makes such well informed competent decisions.


Well, as one of the few who 'attended' ROCO twice (Yes TWICE :-[), and a full 2 1/2 years at RMAS, it is a sad day.  I think that the vast majority of those who completed the course are better for it (although I have sadly met the odd exception).  The second time I did the course I had been at RMAS for a year (Y List etc) and new the course backwards, it was a breeze.  On crash-outs I was ready and raring to go a good hour before the DS came in to 'Surprise us'.  Telling my muckers usually made it worse for them (and me - DS started to suspect).  
I heard that the dinner night was rather dull, being held at RMAS (nowhere more original than that), and that there was some form of charity run by old students (anyone know anymore?).  
Although the course has gone I believe that its spirit lives on in certain aspects of the first term - something they were talking about 12 years ago :-/


I know this is a RoCo thread, but on matters generally RMAS-related:

There was a rumour, circulating around ARRSE many months ago, that the RMAS syllabus was going to be completely rewritten, as part of some big review.

I heard some rumours about it, recently - allegedly "slow march" is being binned, as someone has realised that teaching OCdts archaic, anachronistic bollocks that they are never going to use again, while keeping the old and bold happy (there's nothing like inertia, is there...) doesn't actually serve any useful purpose.

Does anyone know what is happening with the course?
Don't know about the CCC redesign - I do know that it is one of the few courses that has never been designed properly - RMAS TDT anyone?? No, thought not.

RowCo - I heard from a bloke down the pub that Arthur was told to save £1 mil - and the RowCo staff had to therefore reverse engineer a phantom course analysis to justify the predetermined outcome. Is this a first?


The CC has indeed been restructured- I was in the area the other day and asked what major changes had been made.

1. No drill after week 5 (hence no 1st term on sov's pde)
2. Ammo boots with special insoles for drill to prevent injury (??)
3. more progressive PT to peak in 3rd term to avoid snr term fatness
4. More  intellectual content earlier on
5. Lots more things- but they haven't been decided yet (best get a move on chaps, the CC starts in under a month)
6. Academy shop to have prices capped
7. Purchase of a fablonifier at a cost of £250,100 for the use of OCdts. This device will fablon any size of paper free of charge instantly, thus allowing the CC to be cut by 12 days.


Ahhh... Ro Co,  All good character building stuff.  Made me what I am today. :'(

Why do these sort of things always seem better when they are deep in your past?  I don't even own a pair of rose tinted specs!


Heard a rumour that OCdts will no longer do ANY rifle drill at RMAS, and that Sovereign's Parade will be done entirely with swords.