Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spanner, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Here's the link to the BBC page - it omits to mention the fact that Bliar cancelled a speaking engagement in London this afternoon......

    A very sad day for my hometown, even sadder day for Lab MPs in marginal constituencies in Brum.
  2. I doubt that Spanner, not with all them dodgy postal votes flying about.

    They just won't learn .
  3. Shame about the £6.5 Mill Bribe.

    There Gose one of our carriers....
  4. :evil:

    The 6.5 Mil bribe will be dwarfed by the 150 mil (plus) that gets spent in Bham as severence and "New Deals" this election year...

    I am sad for the loyal workers of this fallen (won't say giant) company but I doubt that anyone else made redundant would receive such care and attention in a non-election year!

    The cancellation of speeches etc by Bliar, last ditch phone calls to Shanghai. Was this one of the reasons an early election was called? Is this one of the ticking time-bombs they hoped to avoid?

    Can they blame the Conservatives for this one? Will this stop Bozo Byers ever making a return to front line Government...

  5. msr

    msr LE

    They should have made cars people wanted to buy.


  7. Damn, all this closure stuff will make my 10 year old rover 200 look like a right pile of sh1t now
  8. True, if they had a mondeo size/priced car they might have still been trading.

    We had a look at the rovers but they were too small :?
  9. on the bright side, there are loads of rovers going cheap :D
  10. the phoneix group made a nice little pile out of
    basically traking £500 million off bmw and reducing it to nil :(
  11. Interestingly enough, John Towers was on the news earlier on today claiming that he and his co-directors had not made any unreasonable gains from Rover/BMW sale - their salaries and pension funds were modest in comparison to the rest of industry. He claims he was only getting 200k pa salary, as opposed to what had been reported on the news.
  12. "Only" 200k....right...what's the average salary in that part of the world? 20k?
  13. Apparently, the next model is going to be the P45.

    My coat? - thanks :p
  14. Wrong thread. I thought someones dog had died.
    Epitaph read, Rover got run over.