Rover makes new mates in the City

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Robbeaus, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. And it isn’t just me that thinks Osborn is a shower of dog-do. The Threepenny-Bit Sucking, Swazer hooker shagging, cocaine snorting useless bag-o-shite has his fans in the City as well [not]. Read all about it

    Business leaders attack Osborne | Business | The Observer

    Alongside his mate Call me Dave, slave emporiums R me, CEO, the City thinks the pair of them are little more than a bag of shell bait and whose sole purpose in life is to lead the UKPlc into the worst depression known to man.

    And to think the only problem that the UKPlc used to have was that Bonkersam Brooon, and call me Darling Darling, wanted to convince punters that he had saved the world.

    See lads, follow the Arrse fiscal expert and you too will learn to loath the corruption that is the City as is HSBC as is supported by this pair of loosing tossers. Instead of making prats of yourselves in mummies yellow room.

    Any Arrsers for £40,000 tax handouts?

    Thought not, just like the rest of the UK, watch your pensions disappear down the plug hole call the Get Rich Quick scheme, but only if you are Rich.
  2. To the Hole with you and your drivelling sputum. If you do anything other than spout under your red flag I might consider something you say but till then "fiscal expert", keep your fuckwittery to yourself.

    And by the way, I resent having my own intelligence and individuality questioned by a hive-mind, populist trivia drooling, bandwagon jumping piece of shit like your good self.

    Fucking irate now. You PM me with the name of your closest rail station, what you'll be wearing, I'll do likewise and we'll meet and I will kick the living fuck out of you.
  3. Hold on, we need to arrange the barbecue.
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  4. The OP is clearly having a head/arse interface moment.

    What the blethering FUCK does any of that mean?

    Actually, don't answer that.
  5. Eggs it's about eggs.
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  6. How you haven't given yourself a nosebleed is beyond me . no more gear for you , go to bed
  7. Bit early for the toilet duck isn't it?
  8. You bring the charcoal, i'll sort out the eggs.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I'll man the beer table - as the whole army seems to be on duty or standby for the 'Limpics then you will be restricted to two cans per man - both cans to be opened before leaving the table.
  10. I know this is a serious forum but didn't you learn anything from your thread about deaths in police custody?

    And by using names like "Broon" "Call me Dave" and "Call me darling Darling" you undermine your argument further and come across as a simpleton.

    Pickled or boiled?
  11. That makes more sense.
  12. Ah here they come the winner of the Arrse escapees from the yellow attic, Cable Tie, well done. So your first place will be able to say with pride I was the first from the yellow attic
  13. Arr Jarrod takes second place, nice one son
  14. The fact that you spelt his name wrong after being called out on it during your last drivelfest says a lot.
  15. Sauce Doctor sprints for the line but no he's third, well done the white coats will be here soon to escort you back to the room.