Rover 45 Head Gasket

Just put the car in for a sevice 60k on the clock, 2001.

Mentioned to the garage that coolant was being lost gradually and struggles for power on hills.

Had a new radiator, thermostat and water pump 3 months ago. (I do not use this garage anymore)

Garage rang saying the Head Gasket was on its way out and quoted upto £650, is this a fair price? :(
It is a common problem on the K series engine if you where to ring around you should be able to get it done for around 350 to 400, try land rover specialists as well as the same engine is fitted to the early freelanders
As Bottlesofbecks said you could probably get it cheaper, but it depends on whether you can do without the car long enough to find the cheaper place. I paid about £600 to have mine done but only because it was undrivable and at that garage....would have cost me more to get it moved.

They aren't the nicest engines in the world....think they have the stretch bolts going all the way through the engine to the sump which all need replacing.


"We by any car dot com" :)

Before spending any money, might be worth getting a second opinion as the inlet manifold gasket (About £2) can leak (when cold) and costs a lot less to replace :)

Unfortuantly a head gasket is not as simple as it sounds. The gasket set is only around the £50 mark, but you will have to replace the bolts and normally, cam belt and tensioner plus water pump :cry:

If it is the head gasket, make sure you get the uprated one..not another standard one else it will go again...and again....and again....
My 45 has had 2 HGF's in its life, but its now on 145k on the clock. Last one cost me about 500 notes. One tip i was given was ask for the landrover head gasket, less likely to fail than a Rover one, apparently.
£650 is expensive but not outrageous. It depends partly on whether the head has warped. If it has and it needs to be skimmed. Then you are looking at maybe £100 to skim it, £80 for a new set of bolts and £80 for a new gasket set etc. plus a few other minor bits and pieces. Those prices are approx. Then there is the labour on top. If the head doesn't need skimming, it should work out cheaper but you will still need new head bolts and the gasket set etc. The other question is if it isn't a warped head, why has the gasket gone. Thermostat?

So ask about the head being warped. If they say it is, then I would consider going ahead. If they say the head isn't warped, then ask them what did cause the gasket to go and if their work is guaranteed if it goes again.

There is also a new head gasket on the market now made of 3 thin layers of steel which are supposed to be really good. Ask them about fitting one of them.
Cheers eveyone, i feel better now that i know i am paying the going rate, he did say upto 650, so could be cheaper.

I wont entertain a recon engine, my last car 2l Diesel Astra 7 yrs old and the engine fuel pump went, £2500 to sort or recon engine, i went with the latter, 3 engines later and trouble getting refunds from the suppliers i scrapped the car and was £1k out of pocket!

Back to the Rover, just had a call, rear brakes are worn!

A quick look on auto trader shows that you can pick up a 03 Rover 45 for less that a grand. Think carefully before throwing good money after bad, especially a car with a rep like a rover.
Northern_Biff said:
A quick look on auto trader shows that you can pick up a 03 Rover 45 for less that a grand. Think carefully before throwing good money after bad, especially a car with a rep like a rover.
Yes understood mate, but kind of commited myself by spending 700 quid 3 months ago on radiator, exhaust etc when it went through its MOT, so as i see it after this work is done i am hoping for 2 years more out of it.

Edited to add: less standard wear and tear
Count, the Rovers get a rough deal on rep i think, If youve just spent 700 on the exhaust, rad, etc your doing well. As I said earlier, mine has 145 on the clock, at approx 120 i replaced the original exhaust, water pump, battery, alternator, brake discs and pads, etc,
I think I have probably stumped a good couple of grand into something worth about 900 quid, but at the time it was cheaper than buying a new car. The 45 also munched the daily 140 mile round trip to work for the last few years, (thank fcuk i dont have to do that anymore) and has been pretty much all round the country.If your anywhere near Birmingham there is a place called Viking Auto Breakers up near Longbridge that is very reasonable on prices.
As others have said this is a common problem, it's even been on watchdog. The old Rover group denied it was a problem, and that the head gasket was a 'service' part (which is joke).

The 'K' series IIRC is development that came from Honda when they were partners. Honda's don't suffer these problems, take from that what you will.

I'm afraid your stuffed, look around for a cheap price to get it done, or replace the engine.
Yep, deffo a common problem. My old Rover Coupe had a K series. Head gasket went on me on the M6 at 2am first day of potl. Was never the same after I had it fixed.

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