Rove leaves, to go dove hunting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by parapauk, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. I've been grinning like a wnaking Jap about this story all day. I can't wait to find out what kind of dirt they've got on him.

    As for the dove hunting- you've got to be careful, they're particularly vicious prey. I imagine he'll be going to one of those hunting ranches so beloved of Republicans where they basically turn a petting zoo into Auswitz. I only hope he'll be taking Cheney along with him.
  2. Fat chance of the string pull’er Cheney do the decent thing still lets face it they have never understood the whole mess webly thing ever.

    It does look somewhat like the neocon rats and a ship 'The New American Empire' taking in water, with Monkey boy at the helm continuing to increase the deficit while having nothing of note to bring the American economy back into a healthy state.

    perhaps he hopes that kate winslet will rescue him ......

    Still that is something that UK plc and the rest of the G8 have in common the trouble with double entry bookeeping and reinsuurance of debt is that it does come back and bite you on the ass.
  3. Something strange is going on. Rove was nearly at the top for many years yet he hands in his resignation and departs in a fortnight!!!

  4. The Petraeus report is due very shortly.
  5. This is the US, being frog marched off the property is standard procedure. A fortnight is lingering.
  6. Interesting...but where's the connection?
  7. After shooting dead every cooing, irritating, winged symbol of peace he can find, he'll drive the wife and her yapping chihuahuas to the beach and dump them there without a ticket home.
    Then the man who was banned from Woodstock and missed Hendrix and getting laid he will return alone and raving to West Texas where he'll hunt down and strangle Bambi with his own bare hands.
  8. It seems I'm not the only one to express surprise at the suddenness of Rove's departure.
    And it seems PTP is not the only one to link Roves going with Petraeus's comings.
    We are now both joined by the man with the permanently broad grin and the faint white powder marks on his upper lip area.

    (What is odder still is that such a person as Kristol didn't know himself that Rove was going. Im thinking along the same lines as Kristol here (that's thinking not snorting by the way). Maybe there is some big legal s'hit heading Rove's way and they needed to get him as far from the White House as possible before it hits)