Routine Training



Too F**&^%G busy doing MYA, IIP, PDR, juggling 60 soldiers for 450 different Ops fitting in leave and still stagging on a gate with MGS sat in a gate box watchin TV gettin paid more  :mad:
But IIP, MYA and PDR (not really sure what those last 2 are!) is what we should be doing to look after people.  Don't be a slave to the process for the sake of it.  Use it to provide a product - well looked after soldiers/offficers.

Mr Happy

Ahhhh yes.  The happy days before ‘safety at work’ when all you had to worry about was overhead cover and Ivan coming over the hill with Kalashnikov in one hand and a half eaten baby in the other.... :'(
Us bastards never found the war that cold. and it only started to end in 1989!!!
I cant remember the last time I saw a routine last more than a couple of weeks ? The uncertainty of day to day work is unreal and I really think that routine is the key to a good working environment.


yeah i suppose your one of these women who have the routine of smoking tabs and drinking brews and doing naff all alday :)
Do you really ever, ever have any interesting things to say? Or are you alway's just plain boring???

Maybe we should make you a Playgroup/Creche Post!!
You may be in your Element then........ :p
There is one routine that is becoming apparrent and that is that all these boards turn into not what they started out as I was hoping for intellectual reading and found it a personal board instead ?

;D ;D ;D ::) ;D ;D ;D
ignore me then but take a look at some of the other boards why not go on a chat site ?

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