Routers x 2 ???

Just had new router from b.t. Is it possible to set that up on my laptop in one room, and use the old router in another room, using only one phone line and ethernet cable connection to both, also have sky using that line or is this a recipe for disaster. :? :?
Why do you want to do that?
polar69 said:
Seconded, why would you do that ? My bt router has cat5 and wireless connections, there is no point having two.
Yep got it now, no need for it , i have three p.c.'s running at the same time, as said the new hub i have can cope with no problems , so far!!
Appreciate the input to a knumbnut :D
Thanks for that roadster, dont feel that it was such a bone question now, if you don't ask you will never know, yours sounds practical for my needs, seperate work from leisure, muchas grassy ass :D

Been away in hotter climes earning some scheckels
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