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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Taita, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    Has anyone had any luck with hanging a router onto wifinity connection? As they only allow 2 devices and I have a lot more than that, I'm wondering about the best way of going about it? Currently to swap devices I need to email them with MAC addresses etc which is far from ideal. I don't have any option to go with anyone apart from them really, BT will do 0.7Mbps whereas wifinity have apparently just laid fibre to camp.

    If I set my wireless router up as a bridge and point it at their network, then give them the MAC address of my router, would that work? I _think_ their architecture is just a load of WAPs that link to a central cabinet so bridging must be turned on their end....

    Or is the best way to just give them the MAC address of my MacBook and set it up as an access point for everything to connect to then? Far from ideal as I would like to stream off my NAS / SmartTV etc which could be difficult off a MacBook wifi connection.

    Ideal solution would be:

    Wifinity -> N Router with Gigabit LAN -> Wired to several devices, wireless to several devices.

    Any ideas on the best way of going about it?
  2. I'd suggest looking into getting a switch.
  3. View attachment 95586

    Bit excessive surely? And the handbags who crew it would eat you out of house and home.

    (edited to add I know thats a Triffid I dont have a picture of a switch)
  4. Normally with this sort of thing you'd need a device router/switch that supports Network Address Translation (NAT) where a multiple devices would have the IP of the router/switch. Though, in your case, I'm not sure that would work. If they're asking for MAC addresses then it sounds like they're restricting access by MAC address and ONLY these on the list will have access. Doesn't matter that you stick a router between the start and end point, it'll refuse connection of the device that starts the handshake process.
    Sounds like they have their security tied down pretty tight, it's designed so someone doesn't stick a router in and give access to any tom, dick or harry. Might have to live with it unless someone can come up with an idea.
  5. How would a switch help with matters? Doesn't there still needs to be a wireless capable device connecting to the wifinity network and then everything else connecting to that? I could get a wireless switch (may as well get a router) and give wifinity that MAC address, but then only the switch would be able to access the internet, everything else would have unregistered MAC addresses. Or am I missing something?

    As I imagine it, they have their own layer of NAT / IP addressing that assigns my connected device's WAN port a (presumably) private IP, then my router just does the same to my devices that are connected to it.

    Yes they are using MAC authentication, which isn't hard to get around by spoofing MACs, but it is something I don't really want to do. However, surely if I can give them the MAC address of the routers Wifi card, they put that in their access list against my account name and then in my routers settings I set it to act as a bridge / another access point.

    Then, everything in my room connects to my own mini network and the MAC addresses etc are all hidden as the router strips them out. My router would also do DHCP for my myriad of devices. Could make Xbox Live difficult (at least 2 levels of NAT) but I don't really mind about that.

    All they would see is traffic coming from the WAN port of my router - which would just show up as a normal device (eg to register your X360 you send the MAC address so this would be similar) to their end.

    I feel like I'm missing something, but in effect I authorise my device onto their network as a legit device (altho it is set to broadcast it's own mini wifi network) then all my stuff connects to my own 'RoomXYZ network' and traffic passes from that into winfinity.

    Running that through in my head, I need a device that can take in traffic on one wifi card (RoomXYZ) and then pass it out through another wifi card (Wifinity). Or, I cheat and have a wired switch that TV / Xbox / Laptop connect to, which runs to the wifinity registered router, and just leave my other MAC slot (you can have 2 devices per account) for my ipad / phone etc.

    2 devices per account, wtf.
  6. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. Bridge won't work, set your router as a client and connect that way.
  8. OK I follow you there, so the wifi card in the router will connect to wifinity's network as a client.

    How will it broadcast it's own network for my devices to connect to? And then allow traffic between the two. Sounds like I need one with two wifi cards? Never seen one of them!

  9. Yes, the routers wifi will connect as a client to the wifinitys network and then you will set up your router to nat through that. Then you either need a switch or another AP to connect your other devices.

    I am not sure about ones with two wifi cards, am sure they are available, but I would get an old PC/laptop stick a couple of wifi cards in it, use some easy to use routing software (such as mikrotiK) and that should solve the problem.
  10. Yeh I'm slightly limited by space in the block, so unless I can find an old mini ITX PC I think I will go with two middle of the road routers. One connected via wifi to winfinity and then cabled to another that broadcasts it's own RoomXYZ network.

    Like this?

    Wifinity -> wifi -> Router 1 as a client -> Wired -> Router 2 -> broadcast separate SSID -> devices

    Any recommendations for routers suitable? I've been out the industry 3 / 4 years.

    Sounds like I would need two so cheap but reliable would be best! I have an old sky adsl router that I could possibly acquire, I'm sure with a big of config that might work.
  11. Wifinity only allow 2 devices to stop account shairing and people swapping passwords there system is locked down pretty tight and even with a bridge or your own network hanging of it locked to just 2 ip addresses and mac addresses you will still get conflicts
  12. It doesn't work, I tried it by Bridging the connection between my PC and Xbox as you cannot use Xbox Live on Wifinity. They won't allow access to their MAC addresses and won't allow you to create extra IP addressess. Best bet is to get the BT option as Wifinity is over priced for what you get.

    I even tried connecting the PC to the xbox via an ethernet but it didn't like that either.
  13. Having previously been a Wifinity custumer I fully understand your frustration, I cured the 2 devices limit by changing to a portable Huawei Mifi device. Also a lot cheaper overal than Wifinity if this alternative option is available to you.

    IIRC There is another provider that supplies to MOD camps other than Wifinity.