Router Knackered?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Yet again, i come to the brain boxes of ARRSE.
    A while ago the router was working perfectly, now the laptop cannot connect wirelessly.

    The home computer is working fine whilst wired, but no wireless signal. The light is green on the router, so it should be ok, but i cannot find the signal on the laptop.

    I have a Speedport W500V router and connected to T-Com. Anyone shed a light or just to say that yes i'm a cheap skate and that i should but a new router.

  2. What is your operating system? Lads here will need to know so they can answer you question.

  3. Fair play, forgot to put that in.

    I have Vista Home premium, if that helps?
  4. Ok, a few questions, have you reset the router in any way?. Have you tried opening the internet icon in your tray to make a connection? If you have powered down the router at any time it may have reset so take a look in its programme to see what you are allowed to do. If that is ok, try clicking on the internet icon in your desktop tray, it blinks when traffic is moving through the router. Look for your connections and if the wireless connection is there see if you can do a diagnostic test, if not there you have to set a new connection up.

  5. I've bought one of these and never had a problem since. Top quality engineering if you ask me.

  6. Jim,

    I have tried all the usual tricks. I can see next door's router and whilst in UK yesterday, i connected on a wireless connection. I think that it is the router that is at fault. I forgot to mention that too! Not to sure about he new connection though, will give it a go now.
  7. So you have been able to determine that it is the router, do you know how to access it's features through the software? If so, look and see what connections it allowes you to use, if you have wireless access but you can't connect there may be a button to reset it to factory settings and start again. You will have to reset password and such like.

  8. Mate just out curiosity.... when you click on the "wireless networks are available" "connect to a network" ..obviously you get a list of wireless networks that are available.

    Is there one available with no name (Unnamed network) so to speak?
  9. ACC, I have just checked your router out on the web, there is a firmware update on the web at:


    Check your firmware and if this is newer downlaod it.

    There is a reset button on the rear between the ethernet and line connection, if all else fail I am afraid you will have to use that and start again.

  10. Just a quick thank you to desktop... top link... not really talking about the router stuff just the web site in general..

    Thanks again....
  11. Nice one Wilf, should be of help :)