Router help needed

Hello collected wisdom,

True to its warranty, my BT Home Hub 1 is refusing to soldier as one of the two network ports has failed.

As I now need more than the two ports I am considering a replacement. A BT Home Hub 3 is about £25 on fleabay.

So, the questions are...

Firstly, for the outlay (£25-40) should I be considering something better than the HH3?
Secondly, I've plugged a new Netgear N150 router into the connection and somewhere down the line it won't connect. So are BT routers and lines proprietary? Do I have to buy BT? I have a BT Vision box too - is this dependent on a BT router?

Thanks in advance - probably some rather naive questions here but I hate networky crap, and it hates me.
I would get a brand new one and steer clear of E-bay, personally. are there any in the sales?
If you are still a BT internet customer, I would phone them up and ask for a replacement free of charge, as the current one is not working properly.
OTOH, if you really really like HomeHubs, I have two and you are welcome to them for cost of postage. IRRC I flashed one with the OEM firmware, "because I could". The other is vanilla BT.


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havent played with home hubs but cant you just add a cheap hub using the one good port as the uplink? an older 4 port router from another isp will do it if you dont want to pay a few quid for a new one.

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