Route to TA officer?

Hiya gang,

Allow me to explain my situation, and see if anyone can offer any advice.

Basically, some years ago I decided to join the army as a regular and went through AOSB and got a Cat 1 at briefing, but subsequently failed Main Board on both attempts.

I failed because I exhibited poor practical ability on the outdoor tasks, which then made my relatively poor MAP score an issue at the assessment board (this wasn't an issue at briefing, where the DS said it was definitely passable for RMAS).

However, for my second attempt I was older, wiser and by now a qualified nurse. My enthusiasm for a regular commission had waned, as I decided that what I would probably really want is a TA commission so I can keep my civilian job. But I didn't feel it necessary to arrange for my paperwork to change from Reg entry to TA, as these days I was under the impression that it's all One Army, etc.

I did give it my all, but I suspect my poor MAP score, together with other weaknesses, eg. PlanEx, etc, prevented me from passing my second AOSB.

Now, failing Main Board at both attempts is probably a clear sign to most people that Candidate X is unsuited to officerhood. I accept that. At AOSB, they told me that I had 2 of the 3 facets required to pass (personality, fitness) in spades, but they were concerned about the third, practical agility (intelligence I guess).

As such they don't think I, or the army, would benefit from putting me through a 44-week commissioning course, and again, I respect that.

But I still feel like I have a lot to give the army, and I really like the idea of the TA. But my question is, if the door to TA Officer closed to me? I feel I have what it takes to be a leader, and am not in a particular rush. I'm definitely interested in joining the TA as a soldier, but just wonder if as a career route, I am now ineligible for TA officer in the future.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Faithfully, umbrella-seller
AFAIK you only get two shots at Main Board, so it is very likely you are out of luck.
"I didn't feel it necessary to arrange for my paperwork to change from Reg entry to TA, as these days I was under the impression that it's all One Army, etc."

Possibly an erranous assumption...!

However.. as you are now in the Body Business, your obvious next step is through Army Medical Services(V). The rules that apply to Professionally Qualified Officers are somewhat different to those for joining mainline commissioning.

Reserves are on the increase.. have a go - they may tell you to F**k off but I doubt it!
Although as far as I am aware, CaptPlume is correct - in that you only get 2 chances at AOSB, on some occasions you can be invited back if AOSB think you are able to correct the bit where you went wrong.

However, from what you say I think that is unlikely. And when the TA and Reg officer selection boards merged in 2006, it was deemed you had to have exactly the same qualities to be a reg or reserve officer - and rightly so.

However, don't give up hope as I belive you can still have a sucessful career in the TA as an other ranks nurse. Don't quote me on this because I'm a sapper and not a medic but I have certainly come accross OR nurses. Your best course of action would be to go to your local RAMC TA centre on a drill night and talk to them about it.

There is no door closed for you you can still become an officer in the Ta it just depends on how much cock you can nosh off for 3 weeks, if you can fit a full 9 inch cock down your throat with out gagging you will get instant promotion!

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