Route to being a one pip wonder

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sirvile, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. Good day to you all.
    To set the scene of my predicament for you: I am a 30 year old TA PO, a trained soldier of 2 years, sent on TAB; passed with cat 1, passed Mod 2 (dispite my appalling fitness), now have my TAMB infront of me (18th-21st of November). RMAS is set for next September, with Module 3 starting for me in Feburary.

    I'm bricking it. I really am. I can't describe the fear of failing my TAMB, cocking RMAS, and all that. On top of that, now I have been tracked for Officer, I have missed out on trade training, and the promotions that would have brought. People I joined with are now lance jacks. The upshot of that is if it all goes pete tong, and all this expectation of success has been heaped upon me, I see no other option but to leave the TA. Not something I want to do.

    So how can you help dear Arrse members? Information to soothe my tortured mind, and lay my fears to rest. I would like to know what I'm letting myself in for.

    The TAMB: I am so very nervous about this. What can I expect do:

    What Physical tests are there? What are the opening tasks and opening race? what is the closing race and what tips are there for the command tasks? Anyone have any advice for the assault course?

    RMAS: Fitness. I am not in great shape, and know I will fail in my current form. I need to know what level to aim at. I know this seems a short cut, surely I should train until my little heart cannot take any more, and I will, but aside from the CFT and BPFA (which are only starting points), what else can I expect at sandhurst? How many days are spent out in the field, what lessons are given and what seems to be pass criteria?

    On an aside, what motives have driven people to become Officers? I am not clear as to my motives. I know I want to provide good leadership for the squadron, I get on well with the NCO's and men, and thankfully I'm like by the NCO's as a sig. The squadron is desparate for subbies, and if I don't pass I'll have the stigma of "didn't try hard enough" hanging over me. It's all so complicated.

    Thanks for any help recieved.
  2. My advice to you is simple, It's not your physical fitness you have worries with NOW, it's your obvious mental state! if your s*itting your pants, sort your life and get your HEAD in the game. Your training to be a leader of men in arguably the finest Army in the world! take control of your life and just F*CKING DO IT!
    Seriously I think your asking the right questions, you've identified your weakness nows the time to get on top of it and defeat it, the good old Tommy spirit, good luck and god speed.

    ps sorry if I sound a little harsh but I want to be sure that in 5 years or so time when my kids being led into war/peace support Ops the Officers can cut the mustard, so he dont come home like his old man, a bitter twisted old basket :)

  3. msr

    msr LE

    BPFA green

    Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all....

  4. Fitness is up to you and you alone. If you aim to "just pass" you are not worth the Commission, you must aim -and train - to be right at the front of the pack. Most embarrassing moment as a DS is to hear a PO come in just inside the cutoff time on the BPFA run and say they're chuffed to have passed.

    However, sort your fitness out and the rest will fall into place no problem. Everything Officer wise other than fitness you either have already or are of sufficient aptitude for it to be trained into you. Or you don't and we won't be able to but those are black & whites - you either can or you can't, no middle ground! So realistically, nothing to be worried about at TAMB - if being an Officer is not for you then you are as well finding out now.

    I am a bit confused as to why you have taken so long to apply for Westbury - you say you have passed Module 2 (which cannot have taken you any less than 6 months) and you say you passed despite your appalling level of fitness (so I know you didn't do mine!). And you are concerned that those you joined with are already getting promotions (2 years?). Quite a bit in there that isn't quite adding up to me.

    PM me if you need clarification on specifics that you can't post publicly.
  5. indeed FAB, thanks for the very to the point advice... but the same problems remain, the unknown quantities of the TAMB and RMAS. Now I can get my head round the academics of it all, that's not the issue, given time to learn. If I know what challenges face me I can prepare myself. Physically I know I have a lot of work to do, but how much? BPFA green may not be enough for Sandhurst. Is it true they issue all your kit to you there, so I can't use my gucci kit I have amassed over the years?
  6. msr

    msr LE


    PM abacus, as you have a number of issues which he can help you with.

  7. thanks, I have done.
  8. RMAS is now a four week course, not three. It is split into two, two week sections, but I know not what time seperation there is between them. Abacus probably knows, so PM him.
  9. Sirville, got your pm - reply sent. Well done on Mod 2 but WORK ON THE FITNESS (oops, sorry, was I shouting again :lol:)

    NAP6W - still a 3 week course (Technically 1 week Mod 4A and 2 weeks Mod 4B). Without giving more away about your unit than your avatar and location does already watch that you are not getting confused with info about the PQO and LE courses.
  10. Just for my two pennies!

    Everybody bangs on about fitness, but they are right, but not for embarrasing the DS or anything like that.
    Having been at it from the slightly larger than the average bear" if you can get your fitness sorted out, its something less to worry about. A lot of RMAS becomes "easier" when you a re fitter because you should be able to cope witht he stress easier. It is also one of the main things you can do to prepare yourself as everything else shold happen when your there. Also when you knackered fromt he running etc, you will recover quicker and thus be able to take more in and learn more!

    Take it from someone who wasn't as fit as they should have been when they turned up for the big one (do to med reasons, but thats another story) if you can get fit, do it, it will make you life so much easier. The army is all about fitness, no matter what core your in, its the lifestyle!!!!!!


  11. Surely this is a "waah"?
  12. Nope - but you're very well informed in our ways for someone with 2 posts to his name.
  13. Apologies Abacus - just what I was told last Wednesday when I attended Regiment HQ to talk to a few guys that have recently been through what I am about to. As with all these things, you don't get told by officialdom so the rumour mill takes over. I took it as read that a guy who was from the same regular regiment as me, who went through this not more than a few months ago.
  14. This will be resolved off-line. However, before it enters TAPO folklore:


    You can pass Module 2 with a 11.40 run.


    Sirvile has NOT passed Module 2 but has passed PRACTAC1, MWT2 and Skill at Arms.
  15. Indeed. Obviously length of Arrse membership directly equates to length and breadth of military service and experience. I stand humbly put in my place Sir.