Route One oil pipeline

Is it about oil or terrorism?

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Well, it does say 'rumour and gossip' so here goes...
In light of the fact that there was a a map published in the nineties in one of those 'Rough Guide'-style travel books which showed a proposed oil pipeline hand-railing Route One (Herat to Kandahar), I was wondering how close Bastion is to Route One. A few K? Tens of miles?
Reason - I'm wondering if the whole shitty mess is about tapping into the Caspian oilfields, and the reliable WASP nations were chosen to man the western (pipeline route) because they are idealogically sound to the big players. And slapping a £Billion+ battle camp straight on top of a critical pipeline area (Green Zone just south full of potential threat) seems to me to be a deeper purpose than the one trotted out by the politicos.
Your thoughts, guys and gals?
Mr Thinking-Too-Deeply
Interesting post indeed.

Here the map for starters:
Answering your poll: its about terrorism as a) the BTC and in future Nabucco are solving the issue for the West (in part) and b) I don't see enough Indians and Chinese fighting to make it an energy security war. My thrupence worth.
#8 (edited for link)

Afghanistan, October 26, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - If we listen to our leaders we are led to believe that when the Afghanistan war first started the main area of activity was in the Nangarhar Province in the north-eastern region of Afghanistan.

Extensive carpet bombing was carried out in the vicinity of the Tora Bora Mountains.

Could this be Al Qaeda watching Tora Bora?

The entire border area between the Khyber Pass to the North and the Pakistani Federally Admininistered Tribal Area (FATA) to the south became a major area of operations. This series of bombing operations were clumsy to say the least. The bombing covering an extremely broad area and by the time operations had been completed they had killed over two hundred innocent civilians and just a couple of Taliban.

It was during the early stages of the war that we were told that this region was the stronghold of the Taliban and Al Qaeda with Osama bin Laden having his headquarter somewhere in this mountainous area. After some time we were again told that these key Taliban and Al Queda bases had been weakened and that most of these militants had now fled over the border into Pakistan.

The US blamed Al Qaeda for the 9/11 attack and this was why this particular area became their first priority. What President Bush didn't tell you is that he had already made plans to attack Afghanistan almost six months prior to 9/11 when he realised that the US backed Turkmenistan - Afghanistan - Pakistan - India (TAPI) could be in jeopardy. The US at the time were big friends of the Taliban and why not? When it comes to oil they would sell their soul! They had previously helped in training the Taliban during the Russian occupation and later realised that they would make good partner for a Joint Venture pipeline. As usual the US drove home a hard bargain and the Taliban rejected the deal. This immediately put the US on a war footing in order to secure this extremely lucrative deal that would bring trillions of dollars to the US economy over a long period of time when complete.

Once the US had pushed the militia over the border into Pakistan they then refocused their activity to secure the route for the proposed TAPI pipeline much further south and in doing so neglected the area they had secured in the north-east. This was not the first time we were to hear that Al-Qaida were now pushed over the border and firmly embedded in northwest Pakistan. The British PM Gordon Brown also said on camera that the main threat now comes from Pakistan.

I continue to ask the question "Why are we still in Afghanistan? Why are there so many troops and more required? If the main terrorist activity is in the region indicated why are NATO troop's fighter such a long distance away from those they have been tracking down for such a long period of time? Ironically we have since heard that only around 100 Al Qaida now exist in Afghanistan so why remain? Is there some other hidden agenda such as the TAPI pipeline? Lets just take a brief look at the map above to show where the main problems area are in regard to these so called terrorist and also see where all our troops are dying and for what?

One can see that there is significant activity along the pipeline route with the highest death rate. The main enemy (according to the US, UK and NATO forces) are those that were driven over the border, but this factor doesn't appear to cause any concern. How many times have we seen a surge in certain areas to then see them pull out and watch the Taliban return to the area that so many people died for? If it was so important to remove the enemy from the area why wouldn't you stand your ground, defend and protect it?

As we can now see the Pakistan Government were harassed by the US to do something about terrorism in the northwest but for what purpose, to again attack the militia and have them cross back over the border into Afghanistan and if so who will stop them re grouping and killing more soldiers?

There are so many things that really do not make sense so let's look at the current action by Pakistan and see what the NATO forces are doing.
I once read that someone called this operation. "Operation Enduring Pipeline" I have always believed that this was all about oil (just like the Iraq war) and therefore this title really does fit the reality of what's going on in Afghanistan.

Pakistan sent in around 30,000 soldiers into the insurgent stronghold of South Waziristan, a tribal region bordering Afghanistan (as marked on the map). It was estimated that around 10,000 militants and foreign fighters exist in the region. The Pakistan Army stated that this was a full-scale ground offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents.

The headlines after day two of this operation read as follows:

"Pakistan hits Taliban, urges NATO to seal border" the article went on to say that the remote and rugged South Waziristan is a global hub for militants. It's ironic that the US forces have only returned to the adjacent Afghanistan province for a two day operation this month after an absence of over three years. One can see the frustration by Pakistan in being pushed by the US to resolve terrorism in their country which was as a direct result of US forces pushing the problem over the border. Now we see Pakistan troops have the potential to push them back into Afghanistan and no one will be on the other side to deal with the return of the problem.

Is the US really after Al Qaeda or is this all about prolonging the war effort to retain troops in Afghanistan for a much longer period and at the same time give them the opportunity to secure the proposed pipeline route that has been delayed so many times before. The US has applied much pressure on this TAPI pipeline and has now declared that construction will start in 2010, hence the urgent surge in troop requirements to secure the route.

It was also interesting to note that a brand new highway was constructed between Herat and Kandahar which the Afghans thought served no purpose but of course it does serve a purpose because the pipeline will run alongside the highway. We now see the US Commander Gen. McChrystal asking for up to another 80,000 troops in Afghanistan if they are going to win this war. I find it absolutely unacceptable to send so many young men to meet their maker. If the Taliban doesn't get them then their own uranium based weapons will. As Doug Rokke once said if you go war you will die.

This is a classic rerun of the Vietnam War whereby the US with their huge army and extremely sophisticated weapons cannot defeat tribal foot soldiers who only use RPG's, small arms and roadside devices. Again I ask the question, when this next surge takes place where will the centre of focus be? Will it be where it should be, on the border of Pakistan adjacent to the existing Pakistani Army surge or will it be along the pipeline route?

I am sure we all know the answer to this question. How many more young lives are going to be taken? How many more 18-25 year old men are going to return minus their limbs? During the Iraq war we never manage to find the statistics for those severely injured or who have become limbless. In Iraq it was thousands and in Afghanistan the number is steadily rising because of roadside bombs etc.

What shocked me today was to hear the start of a huge appeal for funds to support those returning that are badly injured. I find it unacceptable that such victims have to ask for charity money when they have served their country. All this in the name of economic greed and control of the worlds oil and gas supplies. The despicable actions by all those implicated in this false façade of lies and cover-ups are beyond imagination. Their arrogance and blasé approach to the risks associated with sending troops into a war zone that is totally contaminated by their own weapons is beyond words.

I remember an interview this week with the Afghan Ambassador to the US in Washington. He was asked what he thought about the war effort and why many thousands of troops are still required? He answered that we must remember that this is to protect the streets of America and Europe and therefore it is to our advantage to finish the job. It is interesting to note that the Taliban have never carried out any acts of terrorism in the US or EU to date. Obviously now that the US has labeled them as terrorists this will induce retaliatory acts of terrorism at a later date. I again repeat that Imperialism leading to the occupation of any Islamic country leads to self induced terrorism which then leads to suffering and extremes of poverty.

We have time and time again heard the denials from almost every official source and yet within their own organizations we see instructions being handed out to staff advising them of the dangers associated with uranium based weapons. I again name and shame all those implicated in the DU/EU cover-up and the true reason behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan namely: The United Nations(UN) - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP World Health Organisation (WHO) - The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - The Governments of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) - The respective Departments of Defence/ Military - The Nuclear Industry - The Pharmaceutical Industry and all those Medical Experts and Institutions who accepted that DU was safe. I guess one must also add the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to this list, not because it is has any connection to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) but because of the suffering they have caused around the world by Weapons of Mass Deception and Weapons of Mass Dependency. Shame on you all.

In 1996 Bin Laden gave some pre warning of the troubles ahead after feeling frustrated at the US Foreign Policy. As one would expect it fell on deaf ears. Here is what he had to say:

"The people of Islam have been afflicted with oppression, hostility and injustice by the Judio-Christian alliance and its supporter" "This shows our enemies "belief that Muslims" blood is the cheapest and that their property and wealth is merely loot." "Your blood has been spilt in Palestine and Iraq and the horrific image of the massacre in Qana in Lebanon are still fresh in people's minds."

He went on to say "The massacres that have taken place in Tajikistan, Burma, Kashmir, Assam, the Philippines, Fatani, Ogaden, Somalia, Eritrea, Chechnya and Bosnia-Herzegovina send shivers down our spines and stir up our passions" All this has happened before the eyes and ears of the world, but the blatant imperialism of America, under the cover of the immoral United Nations, has prevented the dispossessed from arming themselves."

Finally he said: "The latest and most serious" "is the occupation of Saudi Arabia, which is the corner stone of the Islamic world, place of revelation."

In closing I would also like to quote some words used by the World Islamic Front on the 23rd February 1998 which further revealed their anger and frustration at America:

"Ever since God made the Arabian Peninsula flat created a desert in it and surrounded it with the sea, it has never suffered such a calamity as these crusader hordes that have spread through it like locusts, consuming its wealth and destroying its fertility" "Firstly, for over seven years America has occupied the holiest parts of the Islamic lands, the Arabian peninsula, plundering its wealth, dictating to its leaders, humiliating its people, terrorizing its neighbours and turning its bases there into a spearhead with which to fight the neighbouring Muslim peoples."

Mohandas Gandhi once said "What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy"

This last paragraph sums it all up in relation to my own beliefs that "What goes around comes around" when he used these powerful words:

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
Mohandas Gandhi
afghanistan has huge very pure copper (getting expensive in the world) and other precious stones resources as well as very large natural gas reserves.

dont understand peoples obsession with oil, there is a large number of reasons a semblance of control would be preferable to the owner in the region. not all of them resource based either.
The answers neither. In 02 it was about terrorism. That threat moved too far better digs in FATA while Bush was showboating in Iraq. The Pashtun war in Pakistan is perhaps about terrorism and it's increasingly a Punjabi war down there.

Increasingly it looks like we are propping up the Pak Army at all costs because they are an old US and Chinese ally while hoping their large nutter wing does not seize power and start throwing nukes around like used Johnny Walker bottles.

The fact that we are also fighting their proxies and they still have an eye on Kabul does not seem to matter. I think DC has not got a baldy clue what else to do but appease The Brass in Lahore as it has for decades.
alib said:
The fact that we are also fighting their proxies and they still have an eye on Kabul does not seem to matter. I think DC has not got a baldy clue what else to do but appease The Brass in Lahore as it has for decades.
This is all good stuff. Digging away, exposing the bullshit. A level of debate that I can't remember in my day; we'd open The Sun and get told what to think, and then get pissed. You mention proxies, by which I take it the Taliban were the proxies of the Pakistani intelligence service. Dare I mention the CIA in the 80s? I thought they were a Western creation (admittedly aided by the Pakistanis after we lost interest in Afghanistan, allowing it to turn into a fundamentalist shit hole.)

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