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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jonwilly, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Gents following my morning swim I was having a cuppa and chat with the father of the pool's owner.
    The Father had joined up (Volunteer) in 43 and served first in the Royal Gloucester Hussars (Shermans) and then after end of WW II was taken over by the 16/5 Lancers when stationed in Austria.
    Now in his early 80's we where chatting as old soldiers do about the Army we knew.
    Full Regimental parade complete with Band on Saturday morning and Church Parade of a Sunday.
    Then Route marching with full FSMO.
    Ah says I never did route marching when I joined up 67 all march and run, or run and march when nakered.
    Does anyone know when Route Marching went out of fashion and the 'Modern March & Run ' came into being ?
    Or as I left in 90 do you Yomp or Tab these days ?
  2. Hi John. I'm a bit ancient to be commenting on recent standards, but in my mob (1 PWO) in the 60s we did IIRC a 10-mile bash in Patrol Order w/- personal weapon, every year for PT tests. Think we had 2hrs to do it. Different sub-units used different techniques: some would alternate between double- and quick-march, others would stick to a uniform forced-march tempo (around 150/min). Then we had our own inter-platoon skills comp (the Geddes Cup) involving a 40-mile approach to contact over 3 days, anti-aircraft drills, section and platoon attacks, first-aid, then a final charge over the biggest barsteward of an assault course, finishing at the range with 10rds at 100m. Points awarded to platoons by the observers at all stages. We'd just finished the 1967 Geddes Cup when they told us we were off to Aden in 48hrs. (We were OK - adrenalin carried us through, then we had a sleep on the plane.) And yes - our RSM's Drill Parade was a full-dress affair on Friday: No2 Ceremonials, band, the lot. Then into PT kit for the Battalion 3-mile cross-country run (led by the CO), then showered, dressed and off to hitch-hike the 300-odd miles up north for the weekend. Them were the days.