Roundhead or Cavalier?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LEFTY478, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. a. Keep sacred the oath of allegiance that you’ve sworn and take up arms to protect ‘HM Elizabe

  2. b. Take up arms purely because you hope to get the chance to put a politico cnut up against a wall

  3. c. Sell your soul to Devil and do nothing.

  4. d. Claim to be Italian and join whichever side as appears to be winning, swapping as many times as

  5. e. Agree with the Gubermint; because you’re shít sucking pinkco troll fcuktardwit.

  1. Scenario: The political balloon has gone up and our ‘new social order' has declared the Monarchy as archaic and irrelevant. The Gubermint of the day is intent on turning the power of the State against the Crown and deposing HM QEII.

    It's time to make a stand and fight if necessary. See poll options.

    The floor is yours...
  2. Defend Betty and her sprogs to the very end.

    If that means shoving a bayonet into any member of the Government, so much the better.
  3. Thought this was a thread about circumcision.
  4. I see that Sven/Thunderchops or whatever, has voted.
  5. Sign me up.

    Feck the GOBMENT.
  6. AAGF


    Betty and the rest can go to the wall.

    Pass me another politico, please.

    P.S. I thought this was about circumcision too.
  7. By the title of the post I thought it was a poll to see how many arrsers still had their foreskins! (I'm a Roundhead...)

    In answer to the question, My oath was made to Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and succesors so that's where I stand. I was always shite at History, does that make me a Cavalier?
  8. My last OJAR said I was Cavalier it is then.
  9. Hmm - a difficult one.

    Do either parties have oil? If so, may I sell arms to both sides and then become bezzies with the side that wins?
  10. La Reine, notre duc.

    I owe this government nothing.

    Bring it on.

  11. More of a Vectra myself
  12. Me civvie,
    Me to stupid to vote.
    Would be pretty funny if this rocked up in a gobmint statement...
    "those mean, nasty soldiers.. blablabla"
  13. Betty - first , last and always. If some decent politicians have to die (well, I'm sure there have been some), so be it. Omelettes and eggs.

    Are you the DofE, by any chance? If you're going to organise a coup, pull your finger out, old son. We can't hang around for ever.
  14. Oooh are we having a coup? I can supply sandwiches and tea, and can get 6 people in my car. I can't do weekends though as I have to take the Mrs to work.
  15. So did i to be honest, But hey I would be at Buck House to take up Arms for HM QEII in 60 - 90 minutes.. Not thnat i have thought about it to much...