Round the World walk

An ex Paratrooper ( International fanny magnet from 1 PARA :twisted: , Ex 3 PARA also :evil: ) called Karl Bushby is walking round the world as we speak. He is on an epic journey which has lasted 11 years so far, he is due to complete the task in about 4 years time if he can get past the politics and financial restraints of getting through good old commie Russia! Karl has not set foot back in the UK since starting and has vowed not to return until he completes this monumental task, his wife must have cobwebs down below!. His website is located at:,(google it!) please pay a visit and give him some words of encouragement (sarcastic or otherwise!) on his guestbook, if your flush then drop him a few quid via the donate by paypal button so he can buy himself some biscuits brown!
A big ask, a big task, not for civvies! Lets give him a boost, please drop him a line!

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