Round the World trip planned

Discussion in 'Travel' started by semper, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. hello chaps

    I am planning a round the world over 10 weeks, my intended itinery is Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea (North and South) Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and New York before going home.
    this is all based on one ticket, with the 2 Koreas being a side trip seperate from the ticket.
    I mainly wanted to visit N Korea because it is the Last Stalinist Communist theme park in the world, it would be interesting to see the DMZ from both sides.

    has anybody had any experience in all these place and possible places of interest that would be worthy of a look and other useful advice would gratefully received.
    thanks in advance Chaps
  2. Semper, will PM you.
  3. If you have any money left after ofrking out for that, you can pick up a fine suit at a very good price in Hong Kong - PM BlotBangRub if that interests you in the slightest, as he's certainly got some contacts for HK tailors.

    Hong Kong smells a bit odd, or at least it did in 92-4.
  4. Check these guys out - - absolutely excellent.

    They aren't exactly the cheapest around but the service and regional knowledge they have is superb. I'd recommend them to anyone. Though most of their business is conducted via the phone and t'Interweb, if you're anywhere their Offices you can go and visit them too. Incredibly helpful bunch.

    Hopefully going to use them again next year.
  5. thanks guys will come up with some country specific question soon, hope you can answer them.

    Pitster Thanks for your PM
  6. China , how easy is it to get around now ? do they have City Bus tours of Beijing ? how much I can expect to pay for trips to Wall of China, forbidden city, I assume (hope) many signs have romansied and possibly in English.
  7. If you are seriously planning a round the world trip, you are missing out if you don't include Kettering and Doncaster
  8. From your planned itinerary it would appear that you are planning a "Glitter" type trip.

    Do the N Koreans allow their young boys to be buggered by cadet instructors too?
  9. If you need info on Singapore I can probably help.

    When are you going?

    Btw: In China beware! It is the fraud capital of the east now. Swindling and cheating appears to be a national sport there. I can't answer specific qestions about china since I was last in Beijing more than 10 years ago now.
  10. I was under the impression that travel to N Korea was by special visa only (selected journo's etc)
  11. This is not a dig at you Semper so hopefully you wont take it that way.

    You keep mentioning in your posts reference Cadet officers/Seniors and Adult Instructors still being classed as military personnel and deserve the same respect and rights. If this is so you may find out that you may not be permitted to travel to the likes of China or Korea so it would be best to check up with current or require special authority to travel to communist countries by Brigade or higher for current policy. On the other hand if you are just a civvy crack on and enjoy.

    Dont listen to MDN though as Doncasters a sh*thole so put Scunthorpe on your locations list instead.
  12. hello mate

    no I am not offended,I am aware that AIs are classed as civilians, when you become an officer, you get an Army number and a commission, I intend to do this travel before I go down the officer route, naturally I will be careful not to mention cadets to anybody as some have a different viewpoint, hear all see all say nowt.
  13. Hello I will be in Singapore hopefully about March 5th ish, yeah heard about scam artists in China, I will have to use my common sense.
    I believe Singapore is very easy to get around and would they have a Citybus tours round the area ?

  14. I would leave out Singapore, and do India instead. Singers has been ruined since they knocked Bugis St and got rid of the Kai-tais!! Seriously, a lot of the character has been knocked out of the place, but hey that's just my opinion. An ESSENTIAL travel partner is the Lonely Planet books. I have done a lot of solo backpacking around the world, and they are great they tell you the location of all the trustworthy hostels, restaurants, shops, bars, and ,er, pox clinics.
  15. Singapore would be good as a respite from the 'real' asia. Singapore is really easy to get around. And yes there are city bus tours or at least I have seen some on the roads. I think you can get more info from the Airport. I know for a fact that there are DUCK tours starting from Suntec City - basically touring round the city and some parts of the river on a WWII amphibious vehicle. Or you could take the MRT (like the london tube) or Taxis (about 90p hop on but not sure how fast the meter increases - generally, a 15-20min journey outside of peak hours should cost about 2 - 2.5 pounds).

    If interested in a more military experience, you could try the Singapore Discovery Centre in the western end of the island, jurong. There you can try handling the standard assault rifle used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the SAR21 on a simulated range. The Grounds of the Officer cadet School is nearby and is open to the public though I am not sure if foreigners are allowed in.

    If you can get in, then you might be interested in going to the 'e-mart'. Its basically a shop used by SAF soldiers to buy their equipment (the SAF has for the most part, done away with issuing items from the QM's store - each soldier gets an amount of credits a year which they can use to buy stuff from these emarts). The emart accpets cash too. Some of the stuff is really value for money. You can get brand new decent running shoes for about 10 pounds (albeit there are only 2 models to choose from) and I think the standard issue goretex boots cost about 40 pounds. The army museum is also nearby. Not sure where though.

    For more adult entertainment, Orchard towers (I think it used to be known as 4 floors of whores) is popular with expats. The local alternative is an area known as Geylang (which is about as seedy as you get in Singapore. Meaning not very but still that is the criminal underbelly so use caution).

    If you have more specific questions I might be able to help.