Round-Guernsey Kayak in aid of Combat Stress and the RBL

You all know why Combat Stress and the Royal British Legion are such worthy causes, so I'll get straight to it.

I'm intending to get a few guys together to do a sponsored round-the Island kayak - to both raise cash and raise awareness of the issues at hand. It's roughly 50k's right the way round - taking wind and tides into consideration, so it's an all-day undertaking - aiming to finish off the day at the RBL's bar for a pint with some ex-servicemen.

To that end, I'd like some help from the Noble Community of Arrse -

From anyone who's organised a similar event - I'm a bit of a virgin as far as these things go and any experience / Top Tips would be most welcome
From someone who's done a charity event through Arrse and rigged up a donations system (if you reckon there'll be enough interest)

And most of all, from any Arrser who's on Guernsey for the weekends of the 25th/26th Aug or the 1st/2nd September (weather reserve date) and fancies a piss up for a good cause...

Many thanks

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