Round Britain unsupported Row - Row for Heroes

This is an unashamed plug and I'm not an real ARRSE stalwart but please bear with me.

For the last month, two young serving RAMC doctors have been rowing their hearts out to set a new world record by being the first two man crew to row unsupported and non-stop around GB. They are doing so to raise money for H4H and the ABF.

They haven't had a great deal of help from the system - so, in the meantime, N*** and H****** just got on and did it - putting a large amount of their own dosh into the pot to buy the boat and get the show on the road.

Without great fanfare they set out on 12th May. Since then they have had no outside support and have not set foot ashore or put into harbour. The two of them are now round the northern tip of Scotland and heading south through the North Sea. Their track can be followed from their online Tracker.

To have got so far is, in itself, is already an extraordinary achievement, but if they complete the trip it will be a first. Please do support them if you can and, if there are any journos reading, do what you can to promote the cause, and rally support for what will be a really ballsy achievement. There is a seriously good chance that they will now succeed!

Read more, and please do donate if you are feeling generous, at Row for Heroes. But more importantly, please spread the word.

Best of luck to them with the remainder of the trip.

One question though. Why did you * out their names then provide a link that shows them?
To be honest, if you're providing a link to something already in the public domain, I wouldn't worry about it.

Are they still on track to finish around the 27th?
camberley said:
They haven't had a great deal of help from the system -
Tell me about it. My boss wasn't too happy when I announced my 3 month wankathon for kids with no legs. He'd rather I push out a few more prosthetics.

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