Roulement tours

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by themaadone, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have the definate gen on how roulement tours are classed?

    I did a 4 month jolly to the FI and had a whale of a time (what, with all the bars - not a sobre day).

    Do tours that do not result in a gong still get classed as active duty?

    Things like suez and other things come to mind which took years to officially recognize and while I don't think that a tour of the Falklands was anything special I remember reading my posting order with the words 'Roulement tour' on it (This was in 1994 so I am impressed with my memory.

    Either way, I am placing that tour down as an active tour on my CV along with all the gong-earning-tours.
  2. Nope, it's not active duty otherwise you would receive the medal that you refer to.

    Place it down as an active tour anyway - to be honest, the chances of you meeting a civilian employer who knows where the FI are, is pretty remote anyway.
  3. Ta very much.
  4. Aye definitly stick it down as active duty as the Commander British Forces down here still calls it an "Operational Tour" on his arrival briefs despite not being eligible for Tony's bonus
  5. When I went the first time in 91 we were warned off that it was an operational tour and if you went awol etc it was a big big thing 8O
    We also did infantry patrols around the island during RIC handover and we got naff all :x yet I went to Bos over 10 years after the initial troubles and got a medal for it :D
    I'd go again brilliant tour :D :lol: :wink: hard work but brilliant (mind you we built a swimming pool for f**ks sake :p :lol: :wink: )
  6. I seem to recall that a 6 month tour of Cyprus with UNFICYP (resulting in a UN medal) is not exactly what one might call "operational" yet they still go on!. Funny old thing that the RA (or anyone else not infantry for that matter) do not complain about acting in the Infantry role (i.e. foot patrols etc) there!!