"Roughing" and "Fisticuffs"

Quiant little terms aren't they? Reminds you perhaps of two short trousered scallywags in a playground. They are actually names of rules (84 & 54 respectively) from the National Hockey League.


Nothing that you see on this tape earned more than 10mins in the sin bin- even those horrendous sucker-punches.

Now you know why Canadians are always so polite and mellow. They have sports like this.
Spent many happy hours watching Durham Wasps. 9 goals and 5 fights each game, bags of entertainment for everyone.
Why can't footie be like that? I'd love to see big Dunc Ferguson cracking skulls every week. Oh wait, he does.
OK - If you like the odd ice hockey tussle - go to www.hockeyfights.com - go to multimedia, then videos. You can download the previous nights NHL fights - is that quality or what? YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY

There wont be any new ones for a couple of weeks - Fcuking OLYMPICS!

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