roughest squaddie bar youve ever been in ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brokerboy, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. i nominate the dallas bar in munster circa 1986
  2. By squaddies bar do you mean unit bar or civvie bar that the lads have taken as 'their own'?
  3. civvie bar that the lads have taken as their own
  4. Any pub in Merthyr Tidvyll (spelling??)
  5. The landsmann in Munster is now the 'fight club'.
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  6. Aldershot mid to late eighties you were spoilt for choice with rough arrse boozers.
  7. When you say "roughest", do you mean the one where you are most likely to get a good shoeing if you don't belong, or simply the grottiest filthiest bar?
  8. Fagins den in Colly late 90's was pretty rough when 1 RS where in town. I imagine nowhere near as bad as the shot in the 80's.
  9. one your most likely to get a good shoeing.
  10. Has to be the Sin Bin surely...
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  11. A) The Landsman - Munster
    B) The Inside Bar - Dortmund
    C) The Pegasus - Aldershot
    D) The Tenna Bar - Munster
  12. Black & Whites in Paderborn was always good for a bit of turk bashing.
  13. Someone is bound to say 5's in Aldershot, but although it had a reputation due to 9 Sqn 'taking in on' and it changing its name from the mincing title of '5's Wine Bar' to the slightly laughable '5's the Airborne Inn', it wasnt a pub that the non-airborne feared to enter, I as a craphat and hospital based medic frequently strolled in there for a pint in one of its lovely plastic glasses. Same as the 'Exchange' and the 'Rat Pit'. The GT (GlobeTrotter) however wasnt a place to be found in!
  14. We used to go to the Tenna Bar when I was at the BMH 86-88, I'm back in Munster now and I havent a clue where it was, is it still open?