Rough intakes for crew man recce (QDG)

Hey everyone. Just a quick question in regards to intakes for RAC Crewman recce ideally QDG as I am welsh! I had Engineers Driver OP and QDG as my choices and passed ADSC with an A! unfortunatly I obviously chose the jobs which were full! After being told by my recruiter they were NOT and I would get a place soon enough with an A. Needless to say he is now saying April?

Having researched more I think I am more wanting to go QDG rather than RE but they both have thier good points. (demolitions with RE, combat for QDG and recce:D:D, plus tanks... you get my drift.)

I do understand the fact that it will be a new finacial year, so they have some money to spend on training. Now will there actually be an intake for April or is that when they start planning for intakes for 2011.

Have phoned my recruiter several times and fear if I phone him more I will just annoy the hell out of him:) (mostly phoned for bone questions, so kinda feel stupid).

So does anyone in RAC know dates for QDG?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I hope I don't wait out for QDG till April and find out they are not taking on till december kind of thing!
After re-reading my post I realised that it basically sounds as QDG is my get in quick card:p It's not I really do want to go RAC:D

My recruiter himself is QDG so he has sold it very well naturally. He has also given me shed loads of information regarding the job and the people etc...

I can only imagine some of it is biast but what the hell, seems a tidy person!
I got an intake date for RAC crewman 2RTR 3 days after ADSC (passed end of April) i also got an A. I'm going in on the 14th Nov and from what my recruiter said is that they like you to start training in one financial year and end it in the next because it's one of the shorter training times. So with this logic if you don't get a date before april you won't be going in till next August, bit of a bastard but if it's what you want it won't be too hard to wait for it.

If all else fails go on facebook and ask army jobs for people waiting for intake dates for RAC tank crewman they can tell you how many are awaiting allocations, what grades are waiting and possibly the next intake date is.

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