Hey, some old roue, in his nineties, keeps getting his bits in a tangle with infection.
Do you reckon he has to divulge all recent contacts? :silent:
I think I still have concussion from a fight at work the other day, so I think I can translate for him. Basically he said he's a mewling quim.
Hope this helps.



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they used to say heres some pills best hand them out to whoever, now they like you to suggest that you tell them that its best they get in touch with the clinic.

not sure if that means lizzie will be queueing up to see Dr Christian though.

do harley street not have a northern branch then?


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and has anyone checked the tower for chambermaids recently?

hey does anyone remember that 80's series with leigh lawson dead head or something like that. BBC2 I think.

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