Builds Rotten Corpse in shallow grave Diorama


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Dad knew it wasn't accurate, but only in later life. That scene was made in 1975, it was his first attempt at sculptures. The use of a wire frame is the base. The medium is, plasticine.
He did the model for the title sequence ?


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That's what I meant.
The phrases "did the" and "made a" seem to carry particular weight ?
ah, I see what you're getting at, the model his Dad made was a reproduction of the model Corpse in the tv Documentary opening sequence. He didn't make the original Prop.
Sprocket mate, I think you'll find that, in the opening sequence of 'The Great War', those are the remains of a fallen German. His model is based on a still photo from the film.
In that case, for absolute clarity I'll re-phrase it, His Dad, made a model of the dead person in the title sequence of the programme.


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Right, got it now.

I think.

I'm off this weekend, been on the first two of a three week course talking about Forensic Archaeology, I actually asked the Forensic Anthropologist (bone specialist) after her lecture what she thought of this model and showed her using Arrse on her laptop, she loved it and said it was accurate, now you can't get more qualified feedback about a model than that.
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