Rothiemurchus Lodge Aviemore

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by broadsword666, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. :cry: Hi Guy just heard to that there are trying to close Rothiemurchus Lodge
    and bullboze it back to the ground due to the lack of funds I dont know about you guys but I have spent many a good time there and enjoyed the area for training and in leasure I have taken My family there for years
    now the 51bridge in Stirling want to Close It . better shut up know getting very angry about all this so what do u Think should it close or what. :cry:
  2. Oooh that's a pity. It's a blinding good spot in the most beautiful part of the Cairngorms. What's the justification? Cost? Shabbiness? Use?
  3. The Cost It well use it Only take About £30,000 A year to run. used to suplanened bu The union Jack Trust and The Nuffield Trust But Both of these trust Have fallen on Hard times.
  4. Is this the lodge that you had to drive up miles of stone track to reach after going through the gate? If it is we should do evrything possible to keep it in our hands.
  5. My old troop fitted that place out , 1 Troop, 53 Fld Sqn, RE, back in summer of 1974 - a feww 'bodges' there I can tell you. :D Spent a great deal of time up in the loft lagging them pipes - - job and a half. It was in the summer - and Aviemore a brill place then .
    Yes, must be saved - - just my 2 penneth.
  6. and gundog, yep, you have the right place mate.
  7. I have very fond memories of Rothiemurchus lodge, a great little spot and excellent value for money. I've got a scar from when I took a tumble up on the Lairig Ghru, we were trying a bit of bin bag sledging, I sliced my shin from knee to boot top. While trying to stem the flow of claret a pair of ptarmigans waddled out from behind a boulder looked at me rolled their eyes and made a sound that everyone still swears was "whatatit" and wandered off.

    Getting up at sunrise to watch the deer wandering around was a real treat, I agree it would be such a waste of a valuable resource as it was always a good place to unwind and relax. It's the sort of place that should be utilised for the boys and girls coming home with post op's stress.
  8. The Lodge is not being used enough, and the location of other adventure training huts in the area (Norwegian Lodge etc) which are free to use means the lodge may have to go back to the original owners, the Grant family. Tried to get the RAF and Navy to come into it as a joint venture but no go.
  9. yes there is other training HUTs In The Aviemore More Area but I would You Take you Family there After Months Away I try and Get up to the Lodge it gives me time to rebuild the Family unit and get to spend quality time with the family. also it let us meet other family and make Load of New friends I just feel the Army is doing it hardest to Make us all feel there no longer Care about us By Closing all these facilities By Spending a some Money on The Lodge. But When its gone it gone there is Nothing else in Scotland Like tHe Lodge any Where so I think there has to be a rethink quickly before this facilitie is Lost. As well a a great training area which Holds 110 where there other HUTS hold no where near this. It also a great for the Units weekends away No got to stop ranting know before I say something I will regret later bye guy .
  10. I Guy hope to still go up to the Lodge in the Next few week Here it is still fighting and May get a reprieve Lets hope the the genral staff help out here to save your beloved lodge take care U guy see you all soon

  11. Presumably because we are all so busy elsewhere....

  12. And a search of the Intranet produced precisely nothing!

    If they don't advertise their wares on the Intranet, then how can they expect soldiers to organise visits to somewhere they have never heard of?

  13. Sad our army is so stretched our soldiers don't have time to experience this beautiful area.
    Incidentally is Glenmore Lodge still open? I took my summer cert' towards my MLC albeit in the middle of winter (1970)! Although a civilian establishment there was always a goodly number of service personnel attending the wonderful courses there.
  14. Yes Glemore is still open and there.
  15. Angus, I was one of the junior soldier who landscaped the place. I enjoyed the old hut better. Did any of the home made plaques get saved?.