Rotherham again!

Woe betide those who havent paid the TV licence either!
Well bumming kids isn't cheap. Those medical records claiming dementia don't print themselves you know.
And she walks free!
This country has gone to the dogs. This kind of behaviour will continue until someone steps up & makes an example of these animals.
Hangings too good for 'em.


You are witnessing 'Rotherham's Law', take note, and keep the photos ;)

Gaynor harmed the conifer's rights, and caused unnecessary suffering . 'Stupid is as stupid does', could have been Rochdale's slogan, in fact it should be. As for Crime and punishment in Rochdale's reality: everyone is fair game except protected species of sub-continental Indian west-wing. Even paedo's and violent rapists, apparently.

Rotherham's Law.
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What a load of silly comments here.

It is obvious the lady had to be pursued with all available resources and the full force of the law.

After all, she does not appear to be an immigrant, of immigrant stock, of ethnic minority, or devoted to a religion of violence and, apparently, does not abduct or rape young English girls.

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