Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by A_team_lewis, Mar 4, 2004.

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  1. I am aware that this probably only applies to UL and CU OTCs. But I'm sure plenty of people have interesting comments about the yank cadets and their competence.
    For example: my old PC got shot in the arrse last summer with a yank falling over with his finger on the trigger and safety off (blank obviously or we wouldn't be laughing).
  2. Nice chap seconded to my section on summer camp,
    "Oh yeah I own two AR15 Bushmasters"
    orifice cadet,
    "What are those I've heard about them?
    "The civillian version of an M16, I use them for deer hunting"
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I had a bloke over on ROTC exchange join my section, when the section was asked for volenteers he put his hand up and wasmade pl signaller and given a radio (351), when asked for another volenteer he put his hand up again and was issued a 51 mortar, when asked for another volenteer he again puts his hand up and is given a box of blank. He had already been issued an LSW and didn't understand why the JUO had seen fit to give him so much heavy kit...
  4. The guys in my platoon in america thought you were strange if you didnt have at least one gun at home, and some of them even kept them in their truck..
  5. Doing Stage 5 field firing last summer we were all issued bayonnettes. However for ease of transport told to attach them to rifles with scabbard firmly in place. One American (on arrival at Altcar) stepped off the coach carrying the whole rifle by the scabbard. The change in motion from stepping down caused the rifle to drop out of the scabbard so in a moment of pure genius this yank tried to catch it by moving his hand downward.

    Result, Bayonnette went through 1 finger adn damaged two others and the yank (after surgery) spent the entire camp wandering around with the DS.
  6. The Yanks have nothing on Hans........ Nutty German Paras forever!! 8)
  7. I've heard the stories, has anyone heard from Hans since? Who was more sane him or mad dog? (did you know mad dog?)
  8. They were both seriously unbalanced individuals. the last I saw of Hans was when he was carted off from Stonehouse, though I think one or two people had heard from him since.
  9. mad dog is playing with the marines at the moment as a tom isnt he, or is that just a rumour?
  10. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    From Stavinski on the ULOTC memories thread.

    Any more?[/quote]
  11. That story is just as good the second time I read it. Was that last year? I was disturbed to see ULOTC bombing around Ft Lewis in jungle hats though. And what was with the insanely short shorts for your PT kit! Obscene.
    Also, how many people pulled on "fire guard"? I know of one maybe two from our lot. Immediate discharge from their army as far as I'm aware.
    We had one negative spot report as well, lad smacked a girls arse. They were less than impressed.
  12. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

  13. face eating while making sure the barrack block doesn't go up in smoke.
  14. Did anyone whilst on exchange, partake in the activity of "Chew" or "Dip" i know ATL became an avid fan of this form of tobaco use or abuse.

    I tried it just for the excuse to go aroud spitting everywhere.

    This activity will sadly be banned however as a new federal law in the states prohibits the use of any form of tobaco in or within 50 yards of a federal building.

    HAHAHA, health concious yankers should spread this to cover chuff food substances.
  15. Dip was a saviour, when I couldn't get near the fag zone. Don't think the ladies were a fan though. Spitting into bottles etc. But what a buzz!
    Anyone know where you can get it here?