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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by watch_the_birdie, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows that they (or others) are going to Fort Lewis to do LDAC with the ROTC this summer. I hear London and Cambridge are regulars every year, but are any other units sending a group of OCdts this year too?

    I believe I only got a space on it last summer because there were vacancies or something, and it was opened up to a couple of other units at literally the last minute, meaning that I didn't entirely know the facts about what I was signing up to....and got a bit of a shock went the final admin instructions came through the week before departure! Having said that, it was amazing and I would be more than happy to do it all again.
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Whats the score with the exchange? How long does it last? What sort of stuff do you get up to?

    Not applicable to me at the moment, just interested!
  3. yea whats the score???didnt know anything like this was available-would be well up for it if i could do the canadians have a similar scheme?
  4. A place was offered to Wales last year, but it wasnt taken up, names were put down (at least at Aber Coy) but no news came back down the chain of confusion.
    I asked about it this year and Our training major wasnt aware of any such venture.

    An amazing experience for those that get to do it though im sure. Best of luck to anyone trying this year.

    (I think the American ROTC scheme is markedly differnt to the UOTC but dont let that stop you from applying for what I have been told is "ex-Show the yanks how to drink")
  5. London had a load of ROTC cadets on their summer camp last year but i dont think any ULOTC went to the US because of budget problems..

    ......oh how could i forget getting shot point blank (with blank) on automatic by some american playing a friendly (if armed) civilian...with minium use of force ROE's in place.
  6. What? As in them? From the place that begins with 'H'?
  7. It's when you go to Fort Lewis (near Seattle, WA) to go and do the "Leadership Development and Assessment Course" (L-DAC for short) with the ROTC cadets. It's basically their commissioning course (some get commissioned in the US army at the end of it, but most will still have one year of college left), so just about everything you do is assessed. It's officially 33 days long, with the training "regiments" staggered over the summer. However, when I went, we joined in on like day 12 or something.

    Overall, it's 4 and a bit weeks with no alcohol, no mobiles, no tobacco, no music (except those bloody cadences) and no porn. Not that I found that a problem. You march everywhere. You have "battle buddies" that go to the loo with you. You eat lots of burgers and drink Gatorade. You have to go on early morning runs in formation and carry a silly platoon flag. You scaringly lose a lot weight (well I did).

    Things that you do include live hand grenade day, field leadership task course thing, combatives, fire support day and many others. All culminating in a 10 day exercise with section level and platoon level stuff. And it is GUARANTEED you will have to be at least a squad leader, if not a platoon leader, so you can be assessed. It will most likely be that you'll be dicked for loads of leadership roles as they love to see how the British can do it - better. Seriously, I'm not the traditional "army barmy" type, and even I made the yanks look sh*t in the field (you get a report to prove your "grades").

    It's a good thing to do if you are lucky enough (or in my case, in the right place at the right time...) to get on it. Where else would I have been able to have run out of a Black Hawk straight into a patrol, tap a magazine on my helmet and still look cool, and be allowed to say "Hose 'em" and "Get some" as orders? haha
  8. ULOTC is going to the US this year - for about 2 weeks!
    As far as I'm aware they are not doing the L-DAC course - but are doing the ROTC summer camp!
  9. The roumour mill has stated due to budget constraints the US Ocdts will not be coming to us this year. (London and Cambridge). However the UK > US trip is still on. CUOTC sending a group (20-ish) out for about 5 weeks including ROTC course, visiting canada and trekking in the cascade mountains.
  10. I think the cambridge group is a bit smaller this year, 12-15 people.

  11. hahahahahaha! :lol: :lol:
  12. There seems to be a lot of exchanges and visits available at UOTC. Do you have to be qualified before you're considered e.g. MTQ2 or is it first come first serve?
  13. At our place it depends, I believe usually its stipulated by whoever the exchange/visit/what-not is with. The CO always has the vetting power as well, little jimmy mong from the first year sadly isn't going to get that attatchment to the SAS where he fill forever damage the good name of his unit.
    I should imagine as someone with previous ta experience you would get a fairly level playing field with those that had done mtq2
  14. Yeh I imagine so, trying to decide at which point to enter UOTC. Could potentially rock up and sit the MTQ1/2 exams as from what I've read I have completed most of it if not all. When I did TAOC there were bods from various UOTCs, is this considered the same as MTQ3?
  15. It's down to the CO's discretion as to what point you can enter into OTC.
    But we've had guys who've been in the TA start from scratch, simply because it means they'll get to know everyone better, rather than being shoved into an existing social circle.