Rotary MFTS on Hold ??

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by meridian, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    U.K. May Ditch Plan for New Helo Trainers | Defense News |
  2. Looks that way. The month's not over yet though.
  3. I remember in the original bid back before FBH won it supplying the Bell 412 and AS350BA, that the Bell 206 and Eurocopter BK117 were offered by the rival consortium at the time.

    Its a shame due to budgetary constraints, that this has been shelved aside, as I had read somewhere that the curren fleet was worked hard and possible need for new airframes.

    As FBH -DHFS SARTU has the AW139 airframe to train customers from abroad that fly that type in the SAR role, in essence, the 139 could replace the 412 as the new multi engined training platform (in some countries, the 139 has replaced the 412 in the SAR/EMS and offshore role). Also they have AW109E Power airframe as well on their books so another good multi engined platform to continue.

    What could replace the Squirrel, in the single engined training role one could ask - EC120B (as used by Ejercitio del Aire and Bundespolizei and Helidax in France on contract to the French MoD), or Bell 407 or AW119Ke.

    Another question springs to mind, is having the single and multi engined training platform with a glass cockpit as the AW101 and WAH-64D and the new Chinook HC.5/6.