Ross Nicholls

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. It goes without saying that my deep sympaties are extended to all families and friends of all the men killed in hostile actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on reading the Mail this morning, it became apparent that Ross Nicholls was a former member of the Corps. I would therefore like to specifically extend my sympathies via the Signals Board.

    RIP fella.
  2. I had the pleasure of serving with ross while he was at 3 div . Great bloke to work with and a good laugh on the social. A great loss to the corp and to his family. My deepest sympathies go to all his family and friends and i'm sure that everyone in the corp is thinking of them in this difficult time.

    LCpl Ross Nicholls
    Royal Corp Of Signals

    Gone but never forgotten
  3. RIP L/cpl Nicholls.
  4. RIP mate
  5. I spent many years in Germany with Ross, and knew his wife Angie. He was a good fun loving lad who never thought anything was too much of a bore. He enjoyed socialising with the lads, but was a good family man as well.

    He will be a big loss to the the Army and my thoughts are with his family.
  6. RIP to all 3 lost.
  7. God Bless
  8. hi

    I would like to thank you all for you'r support...( I am Ross's cousin) its nice to know that so many thought highly of him and will miss him as much as I will. I shall pass these messages on to his father and mother and of course his wife and children.

    Thank you all once again for your kind words of support, I now this means a lot to all our family

  9. I knew Ross from 3 Div, he was a top bloke who was always willing to help out and very proud of what he done. I managed to catch up with him on an ex in Jan of this year.

    My sympathies go to Angie and the kids.

    Rest in Peace mate
  10. just thought i would lets know that rosses funeral will be this tuesday (4th september) if any of u would like to come plz pm me and i will let u know the details.

    thank you all once again for all ur support and kind words

    Laura. x
  11. RIP - we will not forget