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Ross Kemp on BBC1 - No, Not Ultimate Farce

Ross Kemp is on the Beeb at 23:30ish - This Week with Andrew Neal. i can only presume He is to talk about the troops in AFG
Bad_Crow said:
Tubbyboy said:
Sky+ is set, and may I congratulate Sven on his first post that hasn't made me want to eat my own head in a state of apoplexy.


I can't believe I'm saying this

Sven said

I'll remind You of this the next time You slag me off :D

Cheers Sven
Not been able to see his new series as no Sky1 but here's the Sky weblink with some footage and interviews ... clicky

Ross Kemp's father served - quote: "While making the series, we underwent some tough training with my father's old army unit - now part of The Royal Anglian Regiment - which was deployed in Afghanistan."

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