Ross Kemp On Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by spike7451, May 28, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Reading extracts from his soon to be released book (TV Series tie in) in The Sun today & it looks like it's gonna be a good read!
    Released June 4,£6.99 Penguin books.
  2. Thanks Spike... Will look forward to this one. The man is a Legend, should be a right rivetting read 8)
  3. I respect Ross for giving the nation insight. But he is a tart all he was doing is saying how tired and dirty he is. And how i need a hotpoint fair enough he went out there but dont be a baby. He wasnt even doing any work the soldier's disliked him you could hear contempt in their voices. I concur MRS Ross Kemp is a slag.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Here's an extract from the Sun.

  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Who the fcuk are you, and what the fcuk are you talking about?

    A well deserved O2 tag there, c unt flap.

    Now fcuk off and play your xbox COD4 game, tw@t. When you have served, you can have an opinion, but as it stands Ross Kemp has done a darn sight more in/with this Mans Army than you have - and put himself in harms' way . Whereas you are just talking sh1t.
  6. say what you want but ross in my opinion was tired of acting as a trooper. So he found a way to play soldier's for real by becoming a journo. Look at the pattern Grant,Ultimate force,Ross kemp on gangs and Ross kemp in and returns to Afghanistan. He wants to be a hard man so acts and takes every opportunity to hang around with them. If you ask me he doesn't care about the forces. Hes very smart hes character building for hes acting career. Hes struck gold being a actor and journo in one it makes hes tough guy act look more authentic. Whether it be a thug (Grant) or soldier (Ultimate force) great porfolio isn't it saying hes actually met people like this. And moulded their souls into hes pathetic caucas.
  7. Ok scratch what i said about Ross not caring about the forces. He got attached and grew admiration for these courageous men. But i dont think he planned it that way its lyk having a 1 night with a tart then falling in love with them
  8. You speak from experience?
  9. :D
  10. Where do you think he came from?
  11. I like the way Billboard you say 'courageous men' in one sentence and then liken them to a 'tart' in the next. Classic! You are truly worthy of inspection under a mongification lens.

    As for Kemp's book, it sounds well worth a read on the basis of Spike's quote. The impression that I always got was that Kemp bedded in well with the troops he was attached to. Of course we only get the edited highlights, but even so he always comes across as affable and modest. He doesn't gung-ho it. I think people get confused because Ultimate Farce was a commercial product intended for international sale and as such was never anything more than kids entertainment.

    It does, however, mean that his face is instantly recognizable to international audiences and thus raises awareness of the UK Armed Forces involvements overseas. Now how can that be a bad thing?
  12. Excellent Spike! Shall look out for that. :)
  13. Seconded. :roll:
  14. Just pre-ordered a copy, looking for it popping through the letterbox. Also got 'Pull up a Sandbag', looks good Gundulph.
  15. Just grabbed a copy in Tesco, on the 2 books for £7 offer