Ross Kemp MBE?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Run_Charlie!, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. I'd happily agree with Ross Kemp being awarded an MBE. He's brought the plight of squaddies in Afghan into most living rooms in UK. The man's got bottle and it would make a change from some overpaid ball chaser getting one.
  2. To be fair, Chris Terrill did as well - but he got a green lid in the process.

    Spot on about Kemp and his team though.
  3. If footballers can get it for services to sport then I'm sure that Ross would more than qualify for services to media, and the forces.

    Personally I think he deserves more, to bring him above the footballers and lollipop ladies

  4. Agreed, that goes for the cameramen/man/person also.
  5. If Mandy gets a peerage for being an utter twat then surely Ross Kemp should get more than a MBE??
  6. Signed - I didn't even know that there was a petition on the go - many thanks
  7. Signed, although I feel we'll just get fooked off.
  8. I think he deserves it for getting rid of his zanu mrs Rebeca Wade last week
  9. Personally, I want to burn his face off slowly with a radiator.
  10. Signed. Hope R.K. gets some reward,and I hope more Paras get theirs too.
  11. With the time he spent out there did he qualify for OSM? Or are they just for embedded reporters?
  12. This just highlights the stupidity of some people.

    Normally people petition to get something changed or implemented that requires some form of ministerial or other higher imput.

    When it comes to honours, people can be nominated by any member of the UK.

    If you really wan't to make a difference then put your money where your mouth is and go through the correct motions.

    I've done my bit and got the paperwork for you.

    Honours Nomination Procedure

    Otherwise, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, fucking sheep!
  13. He should do, another forum seems to think he qualifys for one.