Ross Kemp makes Afghan army trip


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Ross Kemp makes Afghan army trip
Former EastEnders star Ross Kemp has travelled to Afghanistan to film a Sky One series about British troops.

The actor flew out just hours after he picked up a Bafta award for his documentary series Ross Kemp on Gangs.

"It's basically from the squaddies' perspective," he said backstage at the award ceremony. "We're going to hopefully hear from the real boys."

Kemp, who trained with the army before his trip, predicted he would have "a very large hangover" on the flight.

"We're going to follow a British line infantry regiment from its training in Salisbury," he said.

"You hear about what's going on in Afghanistan and in Iraq but we rarely ever get to see it over a long period of time, and see how these very young men cope in a war zone."
Kemp our new secret weapon?
I'm going to keep an open mind about it, could finally be what we've been asking for.

Could be wank too, but worth waiting for.
Random_Task said:
Kemp our new secret weapon?
Yep! Check this out - he's well 'ard:

Ex-EastEnders star Ross Kemp was unrepentant about winning best factual series ahead of Stephen Fry's documentary on manic depression and family history programme Who Do You Think You Are?

"We've been shot at," he said of his show, which profiled gangs around the world.

"We've been in prisons where people are raped on a regular basis. I've been on my own on a number of occasions with people who are multiple murderers.

"I interviewed a man who'd shot 16 people through the head before his 10th birthday."

Let's hope its better informed than "Ultimate Farce".
at least there's a chance this will be PRO forces,a bit of anti-venom after the mark of Cain perhaps??
The Gangs series wasn't too bad, he didn't shy away from anyone. A few disturbing questions regarding 'prison girlfriends' I could have done without though ...

Lets hope he can raise the bar even higher for this new one.
I think we should give him a chance and lets see how he goes about this documentary. As above I think he gave good coverage of the Gangs around the world and never tried to act big headed or a know it all. He isnt a too bad actor and even though Ultimate force was a bit OTT at times Idont think he ever did the miltary any harm. If he came up to chat to me in Afghan Iwouldnt mind talking to someone like him rather than some little scummy journalist. The proof of the pudding will be what ends up on the screens but at least he has the balls to go out there and chat to us.
Hope the Cnut gets hit by a stray bullet...One of ours or theres, I don't mind... :wink:
Ultimate Farce was sh1te but I thought Gangs was awesome. I saw the South Africa one and he actually asked the 'General' of some nutjob gang
"If you have sex with a man doesn't that make you gay?" when the bloke replied that it was not a man but a woman he repeated the question. Thats nails. (especially when the cons outnumber the guards 100-1) I look forward to the programme.

By the way I have Mark of Cain coming on dvd ( is it any good?
That mark of cain was a load of horse toilet. Besides the dramatic coke can scene (I mean what the fcuk). There was the gayest contact in the world with all of about ten rounds expended. The blag "Squaddies deal with tribal punishment issue" and finally the black girlfriend... I mean as if!


Hopefully Henno gets in amongst it and mixes it up. I'd like to see the boys get him behind a GPMG for starters!!!
Sharon? As in fat Sharon, from the pub? :eek: :puker:


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Isn't Ross Kemp the bald guy that is married to the editor of The Mirror? That newspaper that is so honest and genuine in it's dealings with the armed forces. The same newspaper that fabricated stories about squaddies torturing Iraqui prisoners? The same Ross Kemp that was beaten up by his wife ( the editor of The Mirror)?

Hmmm. Can see this will be an impartial and accurate documentary!
wasnt the coke can just a knee jerk reaction to stop squaddies kicking things on the street. i remember hearing about it out there well before mark of cain.

i bet the police say the same thing about the bill, as a professional watching actors they are always going to fcuk up.

as for ross kemp i was impressed by the gangs thing and think he will do well for the forces. he might get ripped for being henno but im sure he will have a laugh about it
I will reserve judgement but I cannot think he is going over there for negative stories. Lets hope the lads he deals with are honest and professional in talking to him. Bigbird 67 nailed it, anti-venom to the Mark of Cain with any luck.

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