Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by singha61, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. A two-part documentary looking into the political situation in Israel and Gaza.

    Following the success of his BAFTA-nominated report on the violence following Kenya’s disputed election, ROSS KEMP travels to Israel and Gaza to explore a conflict which defines our world yet remains largely misunderstood. With unprecedented access to all sides, the two-part series will offer incredible insight into life under military occupation and living under the threat of terrorist attack. It also explores the mindset of the men behind the violence, and highlights the experiences of those trapped in the middle.
    10PM Sky 1 tonight UK time
  2. And next week Peggy Mitchell investigates the Chineese Triads.......
  3. Although I enjoy his doc,s . Personally I think Ross Kemp is walking a tightrope & its only a matter of time before one of his meetings with all these shadowy groups goes horribly wrong.

  4. Hope not. Think he does a good job!
  5. "Just keep the camera's rolling,there's a Bafta in this "
  6. Yeah,

    The Taliban only shot at him because the local Mullah hated Eastenders!
  7. The only thing I have in common with the Taliban.
  8. Watched the first part last night, that young lawyer being interviewed by Ross while wearing his suicide vest was starting to get very nervous with the questions being asked!

    He's taking a lot of chances, and following the chaps planting their IED 8O ...
  9. Think Ross and the crew were worried the whole time they were there. tlking to the suicide bomber at the end freaked him out a bit. Looking forward to the 2nd part.
  10. Im just watching the second part now, I have a lot of time for Ross Kemp he has shown to be a higher class of journalist than many.

    On another note if anyone has watched the second part there is no wander there is so much hatred towards some of the jewish community with people like that "Queen of the Settlers" heading up the PR