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Ross Kemp In Afghanistan

I just bought the box set yesterday and watched the ross kemp in afghanistan where he meets up with the royal anglians . unbelievable everyone has probably seen it but its well worth the buy , still got the return to afghanistan to watch :D
I missed his original tour but managed to catch all of his Return.It was all on youtube but sky have had it banned due to copyright! I was inspired by the whole series. It showed the true professionalism of the U.K forces and also the naivity of the Afghan forces. Smoking dope and standing open in the line of fire without a care in the world, I shouldnt have but it really did make me laugh! Some of the Afghan bloke just don't give a monkeys! Also the bit when air support is called in and Kemp is craping his pants on top of the roof incase they drop the bomb in the wrong location, that made me laugh. He has certainly showed a up and close account of the war and I take my hat of to him!
Saw the original series, desperate to see the return. Earned him some points in my eyes, always thought he was a bit of a prat, untill this show.

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