Ross Kemp - Back to Afghanistan- Sky One

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by anglian-sam, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. New series of Ross Kemp Back to Afghanistan starts Monday 14th of November on Sky One

    Whats your thought's on Ross Kemp i think hes done a turn by actually showing what the infantry do in the sand pit
    I find hes doc's on Afghan interesting but him as a presenter does my swede in.

    This does look good though its about the build up to the apparent pull out in 2014 and how the A.N.A and A.N.P will deal with it and how there getting trained. Anglian.

  2. I like him, cos he said at the end of his last series what needed to be said to joe public! I don't think there'd have been nearly as much of a cry for use to get better kit of he hadn't.

    The MoD didn't like it of course & that's why it's taken so long for him to produce his next series, funny how a change of political masters brings about a change of attitude eh?

    Him as a bloke, can't say I've met him personally so no opinion. I do find his narration on his documentaries a bit patronising though because of the tone he uses.
  3. I told him not to go again, you watch he'll come back a triple amp.
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  4. Do you know which battlegroup it is filmed with, and which area/tour by any chance?
  5. I doubt that's anything to do with it. He's one of Labour's most vocal campaigners.

    He does my head in, but the series was good. The first one that actually got stuck in with the blokes and gave people at home any idea what it's actually like to be on the ground.
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  6. I have to say, it's funny watching him shit it when rounds zip in over his head? Surely not just me?
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  7. Hes wnet down in my expectations since he let his ginger ex wife kick his cunt in
  8. My respect for the bloke went up massively when the first series came out, I think it was the first serious programme to actually put forward the Tom's on the ground points of view, from the fighting, banter, injuries, deaths. It was hard hitting and I must admit when he interviewed the mother of the young lad killed it brought a few tears to the eye's.

    He made joe pubic aware in a very respectful and thought out manner of the hard fighting in Helmand and the shortfalls of kit etc.....Look forward to catching the updates on YOUTUBE as we don't have SKY where I am....then again we ain't got any TV's a hard life...
  9. I do enjoy his stuff, some of it's a bit dramatised, (mainly the gangs stuff), but the Afghan shows have been good. He does put his self in harms way to get the programme made.
    Otherwise it could be a double team of Jeremy Kyle & Danny Dyer, in which they would have to be put forward as point men, mainly with Danny getting it first and then Jeremy running over like a cock and shouting at him, saying he'll do DNA testing to find which bits are his and gets it himself. I they did that and saved the lives of 2 squaddies, it'd be well worth it.
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  10. He came on ship the other month when we were in London. As we did ceremonial sunset with rifle and bayonet, he naturally crapped himself and ran away, though to be fair he did return later once the rifles were returned to the armoury.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    let's hope not enough of those thanks...He was there in May......did an interview about his new series with BFBS which I will dig out......apart from having 23 cases of kit for him and his four man entourage, seemed like a decent sort.....I gave him some of those isotonic powder sticks you can buy in the Leatherneck PX to add to his water......been closer to incoming than me and not on first aquaint a typical Lovey.....the fact that he has been back four times is to his credit......I think he has just got back from another visit. I'll watch it if I can find it.
  12. I would be shit scared too if some cunt give you lot real weapons.
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  13. I'd rather see another season of 'Our War', but I've never watched RKIA so I can't properly judge.
  14. Anders Breviks list looks familiar. Did he used to post on Arrse?