Ross Kemp Afghanistan Program

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CH512O, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Excellent so far yet again, some of those shots of the Javelin going off is impressive.
    Respect to the lads interviewed about the blue on blue incident.
  2. If he doe's not win any thing for this series i will be surprised it good to see he is there to tell their story.
    respect to you all and be safe.
  3. Still waiting for it to be posted on youtube.
  4. Its there mate.I don't know how to put a link on here but I just typed in 'Ross Kemp in Afghanistan'.
  5. Aye 1-3 is on there, whens episode 4 coming out?
  6. Still cant find it, we're on ep 4 yeah?

    Can only see upto 3.
  7. The lads gave a great account of why the British Army will always be the best
  8. Kemp and his team have done an excellent job. He also seems to have a knack of explaining in simple terms to the viewing public what the guys are trying to do on particular phases of the patrols. The military guys clearly trust him, and so far that trust has been justified.

    A very moving episode tonight. The maturity of those young lads, well beyond their years, shone through.
  9. Poor George almost lost it when the letter was read out at the end of the O-group.

    What an absolute sh1tter to have that happen to your platoon.


    What a bunch of warriors to crack on and with such views on the incident.

    Respect, again, to all of them.
  10. Funny how attitudes to Ross Kemp have changed since this programme has been aired.The guy was only acting a script before.This is for real.
    He's not even a journalist,but has done a fantastic job here.
    Top marks.
  11. I'm lost for words!

  12. utter respect for Mr Kemp....should get a gong for this
  13. Is he planning to do any more 'Ultimate Force'? I don't imagine he's all that excited about the idea now. God knows I'm not.

    On the other hand, I'd love to think of him telling the director, "Nah, that's not how you do it when you're really getting shot at".
  14. Absolutely humbled the way the Tps, the Pl Comd and Pl Sgt stood up to the interviews, a very different type of courage to be able to do that.

    Also hats off to the lads the way they praised the US Airforce and not encriminated or slated them. Very, very professional!