Ross & Brand Prankcall.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Squiggers, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. This, is the actual recording of the message that they left.

    Thing is, why is it such an issue?

    Personally, i think it was a bloody stupid thing to do.

    Andrew Sachs has actually accepted the apology, however, the Grandaughter is just using it to get loads of cash out of it.

    Really, i don't see the issue. And how many of the complaints are actually offended by it? Considering the complaints have finally arrived at 30K, how many actually heard the interview...?

    Friggin ridiculous. :roll:
  2. The only reason for the whole polava is that the news has been very slow this week. Any other week and this probably would of been seen as ross and brand meant it to be, a joke. The whole thing has gotten way out of hand.

    As an avid listener of russel's pod casts I'm very annoyed that it has been taken this far. You make a good point though when you say that you wonder how many people have actualy heard the answer machine message. Not alot of people I bet.
  3. Whats with the sudden burst of posts about Russel Brand, yes, hes a funny guy. But we're talking about him like this is some sort of Big Brother shite.

    Stand by, stand by...
  4. Has he learned from his suspension?

    Jonathan Ross may think of himself as a valuable and popular Talk Show host, but he appears to be a wind-up merchant: a fast-talking Jack the Lad. He probably wants/likes to shock and offend, but is this all just a placebo for talent and skills, aside from his well worn, offensive routine? There was a lot of comment on the Russell Brand / Jonathon Ross Obscene / Prank phone call to Andrew Sachs fiasco. Has he learnt from it?

    He's been at it again apparently, on his Saturday morning Radio 2 show yesterday he is supposed to have made a "crude joke about sex with an 80-year-old woman". Don't know about anyone else, but with all the other rubbish I get for my £139.50 - I'd rather not have him on my telly at all. Keep him on radio, pay him what he's actually worth and spend the licence money on decent programmes everyone can watch.
  5. He's still a twunt.
  6. Seconded! At last, a sensible point of view on this overblown subject :)
  7. Seconded! At last, a sensible point of view on this overblown subject :)
  8. I do agree, but I still think it was blown out of proportion. Andrew Sachs will be getting some sort of medal next, or a statue made of him, as a national institution. ooo hang on, wasn't he taking the 'mick' out of Spanish waiters?? mm oh, the grand-daughter will be getting her own tv show.
  9. I always thought Woss was an immature little ****** and nowhere near the girls at the BEEB were paying him.

    He seems to have proved me right several times over.

    Notts girl - if I phoned your Grandfather and told him how much I enjoyed coming over your face would you stilll have the same attitude,
  10. Of course not, but that's not the point. If you read my earlier posts on this, you will see that I agree that they were wrong. However, as Ive said before, I feel it's been blown out of proportion. But would you also feel the same, having seen certain pictures of your grand-daughter that were lewd, to say the least?! She's no shrinking violet... I know, yes, that doesn't alter the fact that they were wrong. I will also say that neither Johnathon Ross nor Russell Brand are my favourite people...
  11. Funny thing is Sachs thougth they were dissin' his lovely, precious, virgin like granddaughter only for it to come out that she had boned Brand and was a Satanic Slut. Oh how I bet he wished he'd kept his mouth shut.
  12. Good post Panda, he was well paid for playing a fairly racist part back in the late 70's.

    If you dish it, prepare to take it, and shut your north and south if you can't handle it.
  13. Well done, the pair of you! Exactly my points - all of em!
  14. Irrespective of whether his grandaughter is a member of the Satanic Sluts and goes like a belt-fed wombat, she's still his (Sachs) 23 year old grandaughter and you have to have some sympathy with his desire to not see her being taken advantage of or portrayed as Brand and Ross did, even in spite of her lifestyle.