Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by phil37, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. I've seen soldiers who didn't leave Bastion get a rosette and, one soldier in my sqn, who was out on the ground actively engaging the enemy for 5 months, not. Fortunatley, I acquired him a rosette. So what is the criteria for a rosette - does it just depend on what the clerks apply for?
  2. The rosette is mounted on the ribbon for your No2's its not mounted on the medal ribbon.

  3. I think you only get one if you're in a war :)
  4. The rosette on the OSM Afghan indicates that the medal has the clasp 'AFGHANISTAN', those that received the medal without clasp (Veritas in Oman for example) got no rosette. It is worn on the ribbon bar only.

    Other examples

    South Atlantic Medal - worn on medal and ribbon bar to indicate presence in the war zone

    Gulf medal - worn on ribbon bar to indicate a clasp on the medal.

    OSM Sierra Leonne - worn on medal and ribbon bar to indicate service on the Op Barras rescue etc.

    Telic - worn on ribbon bar only to indicate presence of clasp on medal

    The SAM rosette differs from latter ones and the OSM S.L. used old stock SAM rosettes so is again different from the OSM Afghan.

  5. A rosette on a ribbon usually denotes that you have a bar on your actual medal. Differences being:

    The Sierra Leone OSM for Op Barras has a rosette on the actual medal but no bar. This rosette is to distinguish between those who served on Op Pallister and those who served on Op Barras (SAS/SBS and PARA rescue mission).

    The South Atlantic Medal has neither bar or rosette on the actual medal though a rosette is worn on the ribbon to denote those who served within the 200 mile exclusion zone between the dates 02 Apr and 14 June 1982.
  6. Fal,

    The SAM does have a rosette worn on the medal ribbon as well as the ribbon bar if they went into the exclusion zone.

  7. Of course it does. Silly me!
  8. By bar are you talking about clasps?
  9. BuggerAll

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    BTB Bars on the LSGC (A), TD, TEM, VRSM are also denoted by rosettes on the ribbons. (I assume the other service equivalent are the same.)
  10. By bar I was referring to the ribbon bar, the name given to the row of ribbons worn across the top of the pocket in undress mode.

    Clasp would be the metal date or name clasp added to the medal suspension, eg 'AFGHANISTAN'

    A bar could also be (but not meant in this case) a second award bar for a Gallantry gong.